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  1. Can i use ps now on pc without dual shock controller. I have a normal controller for pc.
  2. So how long does it takes for prices to go down........on average...... New games
  3. is ps now good? how often new games goes to sale.... I mean buying a 60 / 70 dollar game( ghost of th...,last of us 2)
  4. So i got three question? 1.Which console gives more discounts or sales on games? 2.Does Xbox game pass matters? 3. Which controller is better for compatitive games like fortnite or cod warzone
  5. I5 9400f, H310 / b360/b365 , 8gb ram, 450 watt corsair, gtx 1650 4gb, a gamemax casing, 1tb hdd / 500 gb ssd . Or i will buy i 3 10100 and b460 after release
  6. Sorry b460 not b450.. Gpu and psu is variable.......
  7. Entire build...... But h410 or b450 is going to be cheap
  8. 1.gaming 2.yes 3.i am asking can a 4c8t cpu run a game that requires 6core or 8 core
  9. Which one is better? If the recomanded requirement of a game is 8c/8t which processor will run it better? Which one is more future proof 8 logical core or 6 physical Core?