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  1. Task manager doesn't show driver memory leaks. Nothing is shown to be taking up that RAM in task manager.
  2. Hello. For over a month now I've been having memory leak issues. Overnight, my RAM usage goes up to over 90% and there's usually a BSOD after that, with the error PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. (I leave my PC on overnight, as I sometimes host game servers, although currently I'm not due to the memory leak.) In event viewer, this shows up as a Kernel Power warning. I've been told the best option is to reset my PC, but I'd rather not have to do that, so I was wondering if anyone could offer some tips. So far I've tried using Poolmon to find the culprit, however all the top pool t
  3. Honestly though, after thinking about hobbies, I have like zero idea. What am I supposed to do? Like give me an example of what you, or maybe someone you know do. Just any suggestions help. Something unrelated to computers.
  4. I understand the last post was closed down after like 2 weeks and it's probably best not to continue it, but there have been a few small developments and I'm completely confused on what to do next. So I decided to ask my dad if I could buy a gaming headset. My current headphones are trash and always hurt my ears, it's some weird $11 stuff I won from a raffle. "How does this help your education? It's only for entertainment." I said okay, but shouldn't you support your hobbies? "You only have one" Now it's basically "if it doesn't matter to your education, it doesn't matter"
  5. I may not be very knowledgeable, but that 8GB RAM is concerning. 16GB is the normal choice.
  6. I have absolute trash for gaming. That's sadly not my decision as a minor with parents who don't like gaming. However, if I'm lucky, they might let me buy a good headset. I was thinking about the Corsair VOID PRO RGB, but people have warned me against it. It's the only headset I've tried as it was what they had at a LAN center I went to, and it was pretty comfortable. I didn't get much bass but I can probably change that with EQ. Anyway, I'm looking to stay under $100 for this. Suggestions please? I prefer over-ear as my current headphones really, really hurt as on-ear. They're some t
  7. I've never had a monitor (or a PC for that matter) so I wouldn't really know much, but if you give me your budget I can try and find the best possible one.
  8. That's if you had kids. As for my parents having kids.. they have a different idea.
  9. Well, making my own games is "gaming" and therefore a waste of time. (indeed the pain and suffering) How else can I relate this to an education? I mean school hardly needs a GPU for rendering my homework. Computer Science, sure, but a lot of developers have had to use worse than this. As for the 4th one, that doesn't really matter yet, the main issue is right now.
  10. um not really rare, I just go to the library?
  11. In case you didn't notice, the message you quoted is from a quote that I quoted.
  12. I used to do martial arts, but I quit since it was overpriced. I put time into homework, read a lot of books, and I feel I am responsible. some parents work differently than others.
  13. There's a few years until I can work a job. The rest of the advice is extremely helpful. Thank you. Funny how the most helpful responses come a week after the post. Anyways, yes, I completely understand this can't be for "schoolwork". I don't know why people suggested that to me or what they expected. This is a lot of stuff to take in, and I'm sure it will be a little while before I can start wholeheartedly attempting to convince my dad about all of these things; however, it will certainly be interesting what happens when the process begins. I really appreciate your advice; extreme