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  1. Im maybe not for much help cause i dont know what i did but i have a geforce 2070 underperforming aswell. It's still ok now but much worse before, to fix i used Nvidia Controls and found a section for my 2070. Maybe try searching for it or find yourself. Cant remember myself sry.
  2. Stats: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9600k CPU with 3.70GHz - 16GB Ram - Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit - GeForce RTX 2070. They're ok i guess. I have 2 fans and a water cooler
  3. I use msi afterburner and the celsius says 60-80 when im ingame in rainbow six siege. I don't know whats the normal temp is on games. My pc is very good but rn acts up. I wanna know, whats a normal temp ingame
  4. I was playing and randomly my fan decides to go super sonic. Any reason why? I have msi afterburner and its on auto fan speed.
  5. Yeah well i can't really explain more cause i dunno whats causing this effect. Im not sure about that. I took it down and its been a little better on the pause screens but not a big difference other than the cpu is like 1-3 lower. I will try tho since everything option that matches my pc is the best of the best
  6. Im not quite sure my pc is pretty compact but the temp is getting tracked in the gtx 2070 and if its my i5 core then it's that 1 only
  7. Yes. Ingame in 2 methods and on my pc with 2 methods aswell. all 144 as my monitor.
  8. It was mostly because my tempatures were much lower and the cpu usage was at 50-60. All cpu usage is on the game like 80-90 constant and i only have needed background apps running (and those temps and cpu was with best possible settings ingame. Now i use the lowest)
  9. I have a very good pc - Stats: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9600k CPU with 3.70GHz - 16GB Ram - Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit - GeForce RTX 2070. Now when i play Rainbow Six Siege my cpu jumps to 100 even just loading while ingame and my pc also goes around 50 to 70 Celsius. This doesnt not only happen in R6 but also minecraft it still uses about 70CPU and ingame every option is the lowest possible. Hasn't done it before and haven't done anything which could affect this happening I've watched multiple videos to fix it but none have work even a tiny bit. Please help thanks.