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Posts posted by PCMasterRaceNoobMeister

  1. Current Build:

    Ryzen 3 3200G

    Gigabyte A320M

    T-Force Delta 8x2 3200mhz

    240gb ssd

    512gb HDD

    Generic case w/ psu 

    Location: Philippines
    (most Western brand products are hard to acquire)

     (PSU shortage)

    used the pc for about 3 months now. no problems so far. now that i have a some budget for case and PSU i would like to ask for advice:
    > Planning to add 1660super (around 2021)
    would a Corsair CV450 be able so support a system w/ my current build and 1660super? or any advice?

    Available PSU on shops near me:

    - Corsair CV450
    - Gigabyte P550B/P650B
    - Aorus P850W
    - Darkflash Aigo GP650