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  1. You should be able to remove the battery pack to force it to shut down and restart from there.
  2. For those kinds of workloads you'll likely need to spend a bit more than that. My advice is to look around for laptops you can get in your location for your current budget, and then post them here, then we'll tell you if any of them will be able to do what you need it for.
  3. Yeah then I'd say it's a problem with the game, not your system. Sit tight and wait for them to (hopefully) fix the problem.
  4. Yes there would likely be a pretty big bottleneck from that, depending on what you are doing with the system anyway.
  5. Yep, the sad reality is that sometimes a games developer just screws up and gives you terrible performance no matter how good your PC is.
  6. Unless you are a trained electrician I wouldn't go messing around with power supplies in any way. It's just not worth the risk. Those things can be nasty if you make a mistake. Just return it and make sure the next one you get has the correct plug type.
  7. Have you made any changes to your system recently (hardware or software)? Does the problem occur with any other application or game? What troubleshooting steps have you tried so far?
  8. A 2 second google search gave me the following article https://www.howtogeek.com/365215/what’s-the-difference-between-a-blower-and-an-open-air-gpu-cooler/
  9. Fortnite is not very well optimised. I've seen quite a few people have problems running it smoothly despite having hardware that is more than capable of playing the game. Sometimes the game devs just screw up.
  10. It looks like they sent you the wrong kind of plug. Looks like a Type A plug which doesn't work in the Philippians. I would return the power supply immediately.
  11. What kind of games are you planning on playing on it? Generally speaking for that kind of budget you are going to have to sacrifice either gaming performance, battery life or weight, so keep that in mind. After that, look up reviews on youtube and see what fits your budget and your use case.
  12. Just so I have this right, your kingston drive doesn't currently have any OS on it. You have the OS on a usb flash drive and are trying to boot using that? I would recommend doing a cmos to reset the bios to default settings and then try the usb drive again without doing the xmp or changing the boot priority. Once you have the system up and running, you can return to the bios and re-enable the settings you had.
  13. In theory if a bios flash fails and the bios becomes corrupted, all you need to do is a cmos to bring it back.