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  1. i tried the restart explorer it didnt work. restarting system works but bit of a pain to do that when i want to eject it. what worked for me was clearing quick access then it let me eject it.
  2. I'm having a issue with ejecting my external 1tb hard drive because it keeps saying it is in use but i don't have anything open that is stored on it.
  3. is it all fine then as it does show up as 3.60 on hwinfo and boosts to near enough 4.4 ghz on all cores
  4. task manager and system properties shows that my ryzen 3700x is base clock 3,59. its not stuck at that as it runs higher fine. im just wondering if this is a bug or not
  5. oh yeah just read again and saw he was using the custom powerplan. how do u turn off power limits for boost or should just leave mine the way it is.
  6. how come your score is 4800 plus mine only reaches around 4600+ score on cinebench.
  7. it only seems to do it when downloading something on steam or other game clients like that but once i pause the download it shoots back down again. if i browse internet or go idle volts hardly reach 1.4. i find it odd that only steam downloads etc does this. i have bios and chipset updated and currently on ryzen balanced.
  8. my ryzen 3700x volt goes up to 1.45/1.4 when downloading on steam and other stores is this normal
  9. thanks jurrunio. im still new to computer building. i built a pc couple years back with a i5 7600k with both times stressing me out loads lol.
  10. i meant that if it is safe to use my extra cpu power cable to fill in the 4 pin slot thats next to the 8 pin slot. i was worried if i hooked up another cable to the slot it damage it.
  11. i havent had my power supply for very long never really pushed my old pc through much lol so i think it be fine for years to come
  12. i didnt i was just being a bit of idiot making it harder for my self but i got it in anyways
  13. yeah i got the 8 pin hooked up. i just used the extra cable for the 4 pin