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  1. oh ok , ill do that then .. thanks
  2. look... ive done it 3 times today .. and now its saying this again I would just like to point out that im not a computer wizz kid like the rest of you .. i keep trying to take it all in and learn tho , no hard feelings to anyone ok So if you have a solution to my problem ...and can help i would very much appreciate it thanks
  3. haha yer my spelling is not great i know .. but just because i live in UK .. doesn't mean im full British .. and more to the point whats that got to do with the Topic ?
  4. Its probably already been said a million times ... But nearly every day i see and read good chaps like myself complaining about some Error or problem with windows 10 im getting sick of Microsoft tbh ... and im so fed up keep having to do updates several times over every day also , i do it in the morning and a few hrs later, apparently out of date again, i end up having to do it 4 or 5 times a day its getting ridiculous, i havnt got time for this crap Microsoft Customer service is totally brown Pants !! and now they force me with Edge too .. I dont want bl**dy EDGE
  5. Mean no harm ... its just for giggles So whats with Linus's beard ? ... is he trying to keep " POWER " upgraded to Steve and Jay's beards ? has anyone told Linus .. that it doesn't give him super POWERS, more money, or even disguise him from fans or screaming hot chicks chasing him down the street .. or maybe that is the reason for his facial fuzziness ?... It don't work Dude ! Is Steve from GamersNexus going to keep growing his hair , till he starts tripping over it .. or cause him to start dropping things like Linus (facepalm) or maybe Steve likes t
  6. Hey guys Well im in the progress of " learning" and "trying" to find the components i need to be able to build my first pc (well idk about actually building it myself, as its bound to go BANG if i do it, yes im a chicken ! haha , but i know someone who can) im just trying to get all the parts together at mo, to give to him , but I would like to learn .. Ive watched your vids on building , i understand where the parts go ,, but where i get stuck is... wheres all the leads go ? ( u dont seem to explain the connectors or show where they go in detail ) maybe
  7. Hi Boggy Im still watching the Alienware 34 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor - AW3418DW its coming down in price today i found it for £717 But now i see there advertising another one called Alienware 34 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor - AW3420DW but this one is £1000 Ive looked up each spec , and i cant see any difference ? So whats the catch ? is there any difference between them ? or why is the 20DW more expensive ?
  8. also check this out ... this is funny ... but seriously not really So I went to my local pcworld today , hopping to have a look at my hopefully new Alienware AW3418DW ( because PC world " Was" currently selling it for the cheapest price at £799 when i got there i was then told by a young staff member " that they do not stock anything over 32" but the first funny thing was I'm surrounded by loads of over 32" crazy 50 + size tv's !! being funny , i just smiled at him and pointed to all the huge tvs , bright red he then corrected himself and said " oh oh oh i mean in monitors"
  9. Ive got to wait 2 month before i will have the funds anyway ... So I dont mind waiting a few more months , if Im going to get a better machine for my money ? but will i get a better machine for my money ? ( i will have approx £1500 for the pc itself )
  10. " as intel is releasing a new cpu series this year on a different motherboard than current gen cpus." would it be wealth me waiting ?
  11. ok mate thank you for your input and time
  12. ii think ive decided what monitor im going to get im going to blow 2k pounds on the pc and save up more till i can afford this ... Alienware AW3418DW its gsync it currently stands at £799 , and looks and seems a far better monitor than the predator from the research ive done all tho the predator is now a bit cheaper https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/pc-monitors/pc-monitors/alienware-aw3418dw-quad-hd-35-curved-led-gaming-monitor-black-10190551-pdt.html
  13. Hi boggy thanks for this link Thinking of now blowing the 2k on the pc itself and save some more for monitor and get it at a later date so iim very interested to see what games pc you would build if u had 2k pounds please on my last post , i added a few more things like usb socket needs and what i plan to use them for Thanks mate