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  1. MSI Optix Mag322CQR - Click here ;) - Check this one, it supports also 165Hz and i'm sure you would love it - it's one of the best. I'm using the last year model 322CQRV - Love it!
  2. Wise decision. Have a good one too!
  3. Sadly mine is one of the very first that came to the market and all i managed to get is all cores at 4.2 which is the most stable one i can get. I can run CCX0 (3 cores) @ 4.275 and CCX1 (3 cores) @ 4.2 but sometimes i get some instabillity errors in certain apps, so i rolled to the first option.
  4. Yes the X version have a 200 Mhz more boost, but the XT is this year refresh over last year (X and NON X versions) for which basicly they say that they perfected more the silicon from the last year. 3800XT and 3900XT have same clock speed, but what i see in reviews that you have bigger chance for 3800XT to reach that 4.7Ghz without much of effor (maybe just a little offset - maybe) but 3900XT because of it's high core count is heating a bit more and have trouble reaching it's speed on all cores .....basicly in youtube reviews and comparisment i see it boosting up to 4.5 so ........ if you
  5. Ah yeah. if you're not in a hurry - you can wait for zen 3 release so prices on zen2 will drop a bit
  6. Currently Using R5 3600 and i would definately recomend Zen2 since it has serious increase of IPC over zen+ Also if you can afford it another option is Ryzen 7 3800XT since it's still zen2 but unlike 3900X/XT it is reported that 3800XT reaches his advertised clock far better then the 3900 models which for gaming would be very well received despite that some people call it "waste of silicon" If you can't afford it - go for R5 3600 - makes my job done
  7. The arctic Freezer II seems to be a good choice (many people report good delivery from it) but not sure if 360 or 280. I'm building a new PC for a friend and we got 280 because of the fan size and have in mind that if you do chose that option too - you might not be able to put another fan to that AIO even if the fan is 120x120 which is kinda anoying but it all depends on the case. Case seems fine. Beware! I would recommend not to start new build now since the prices are not exactly stable due to shortage of components in certain areasa (half of the PSU's i'd like to buy are on shor
  8. To be fair i 84c seems decent for the processor that you have. For what i know currently Intel is on the bit of the hot side on their CPU's so seems fine and as i said before ..... Games are not like synthetic benchmark and a recent processor as yours WONT be loaded at 100% all the time, so don't you worry, if gaming is what you're looking for - your CPU will be most likely between 60-75c What cooler do you use, where is mounted and which sides tubes are facing. I would say you should check that video i'm linking now since if your cooling is mounted wrong way maybe ( i say maybe) not all
  9. About that i can't give you propper answer since i'm not familiar with your CPU behaviour but you should be able to squeeze more of it just not sure if you need AIO liquid cooler or custom loop.
  10. Kalinez

    quality Chair?

    https://cougargaming.com/products/chairs/armor_titan/ This one is on the higher range of your budget (500 canadian dollars) and it's limit is up to 372lbs and it's also big in the seat (for big guys), could have another version with suede instead leather, i baught 3 a bit smaller but i sat in the Titan one too ..... they're pretty much wanted chears. Hope i helped.
  11. Yes definately an upgrade would be nice but if you're okay as that for the moment maybe you could squeeze another month or two to see the presentation for the new AMD CPU's and if they release em swiftly after that ..... the prices for what you're looking for should fall a bit ..... or maybe you could even put few more some 3000 CPU. Up toy buddy and good luck ^^
  12. It also depends on the case airflow and cooler efficency but i would say you're pretty fine. As the man/woman before me said .... run Cinebench R20 maybe in a row 3-4 one after another and if you're around 80-85 don't worry in ideal enviorment you'll be not using all cores full load for more than a minute-two so your temp will constantly bounce between 60-80 especially while gaming.
  13. Hello. I was wondering and couldn't google my problem nor i saw it here, so ...... here i am. tRFC timing is 390 set on Auto in Bios and Dram Calculator suggests it should be 416 which is not stable for me on that neither is 418 (420 maybe will do the job). If comparison numbers are current timings and are true, should i leave it on Auto or should i pursue maybe 420 manual? And if any other similar timing occur to be better on Auto should i leave em like that instead? There are two other timings in my Bios which i don't see: tRFC2 & tRFC4 - Should i
  14. Hey Guys/Galls, i know i'm waking up an old tread, but just wanted to let you know (in case some silent reader needs info) after flashing the card seized and since last updates of Nvidia - the card became even more stable (problems occured only on Apex Legends). All the best and be safe!
  15. Ok guys, i've flashed successfuly! At this point the clock is lower with 60Mhz, but will see what else is going on and will let you know in a week in case someone has similar problems. Thank you for your thoughts ^^