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  1. I'm building a gaming PC and was looking if you guys/girls could check this out. I have a 1 TB Hard Drive At Home That Connects With Sata. Do I Need A SSD, I know it runs smoother/faster. I'm also trying to stay below like $620 but I'm gonna use the free Windows 10 So You Can Take The Windows 10 Pro Oem Off the List. PCPartPicker
  2. I'm building a pc and was wondering if all these components are correct to run this computer. I also have a 1 TB HDD at home.If you guys/girls could take a look at this and give me a 2nd opinion. Thanks! CPU GPU PSU Motherboard SSD Case RAM
  3. Specs AMD A4-5000 with Radeon HD Graphics Display AMD Radeon HD 8330 RAM 8 GB I'm Trying To Increase My Dedicated Video Memory So I Can Run The Game Total Available Graphics Memory: 4318 MB Dedicated Video Memory: 512 MB System Video Memory: 0 MB Shared System Memory: 3806 MB