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    Ryzen 5 5600x
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    MSI B550-A-PRO
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    2x8 Crucial Ballistix 3600 CL16
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    PULSE RX 580 4G G5
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    Phanteks eclipse P350x
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    1 Tb NVME + 2TB HDD
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    BE QUIET! Pure Power 11 700W 80+ Gold

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  1. Hello, I just got a new Thinkpad T490 for work but it has kind of bad IO. I use external monitor like 90% of the time atm and for that I use HDMI connector. However, I would like to add a second monitor but I already need thunderbolt for charging. Company does not provide a docking station of any sorts and buying one from Lenovo is out of question as they are like 200 eur for cheapest one. Any ideas how to connect 2nd monitor?
  2. For starters, check termals. Could be that it is overheating and crashes itself. Update drivers, check all data (voltage, clock, fan speed, fan working etc). Any info will help with troubleshooting.
  3. So, it seems Intel couldn't pick a better time to release a gaming GPU (if they are fast enough) so I started wondering, is anyone waiting for Intel Xe DG2 instead of AMD/Nvidia? If so, why? What are your expectations? I just want to see some different oppinions regarding this, it seems like an interesting product if you ask me.
  4. All depends on price. Currently, miners need more than 4Gb of vram for mining, so RX 580 4Gb is not impacted by the rush. I just recently purchased one super cheap for placeholder, and plan to sell it when crypto market crashes and 2nd hand market is flooded with cheap 30 series. Actually gets the job done very well on 1080p.
  5. thank you all for answers, got it and I must say I'm impressed with performance
  6. I found a used RX 580 4gb for 120eur and it is the cheapest GPU made in this century I could find, but I still want to know what do you guys think about this price? I'm upgrading from a HD 7950 that is kinda struggling atm, and plan to keep 580 till crypto market crashes (so up to few years in worst case).
  7. Probably not. A lot of companies don't make PC parts only. You still need a lot of enterprise hardware that is not linked to GPU market (example: you need 200 CPUs for a DC upgrade that has 0 GPUs). So no, not really. If anything, after this is over, there will be a boom in sales of other parts because everyone will want new hardware to compliment their super cheap 2nd hand mining 3080
  8. Thank you, great info I'm aiming at 1080p 60 for now so I should be fine really.
  9. I am kinda desperate for a GPU (currently running a HD 7750 as temp) and I came across a guy selling his old mining cards. He is selling RX 580 4G cards for 120eur each. I'd get this as a temporary until RTX 30 or even 40 stock/price normalizes. So the two questions are: - Can I expect ok performance from 4Gb version? Most benchmarks are run with 8Gb version and they all say 8Gb is a better choice, yet here it is over twice the price. - I don't fear a mining card but is there something I need to be careful about?
  10. So, I am (like everyone) looking for a GPU and came across used Titan X Pascal for 600eur (would try to lower to 500 ish probably). Considering 3060ti costs just about 680eur here (well, it would if there was stock) and any GTX/RTX cards on 2nd hand market are crazy as well, I just might consider this. However, it's kind of hard to find benchmarks for a Titan so any info on this would be great.
  11. Where in EU do you live, I need to order one
  12. if you're in EU then though luck, seems prices here are much worse than US, I can't find 1070 under 300eur here atm
  13. A week is more than enough for me to snatch one so better than nothing I assume
  14. Ok, so Nvidia supposedly made a new line of mining cards to try and get more RTX to gamers, however the specifications they posted are a joke? It seems all HX cards are worse than any RTX 30 series or am I missing something? It really doesn't seem to solve the problem except maybe really low price...
  15. it could game, but the newest quadro I could find is still PCIe 2.0 so never mind