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    Ryzen 5 5600x
  • Motherboard
    MSI B550-A-PRO
  • RAM
    2x8 Crucial Ballistix 3600 CL16
  • GPU
    PULSE RX 580 4G G5
  • Case
    Phanteks eclipse P350x
  • Storage
    1 Tb NVME + 2TB HDD
  • PSU
    BE QUIET! Pure Power 11 700W 80+ Gold

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  1. Hello, I'm travelling abroad in few weeks. I just noticed that few countries I'm going through might not be exactly keen on data privacy, not to mention geoblocking etc. That's why I'm looking for a VPN for two devices (laptop + android phone) but I don't have time to research who sells data and who doesn't etc. So which VPN would you recommend, PIA maybe? Price is not relevant as I only need it for 2 months really. Thank you for any advice.
  2. My options are Ikea and Jysk (where I got the 50eur chair) and 30 eur chinese gaming chairs in random PC stores. So no, not really an option sadly. As I said, I need some ideas where to even look for starters I mean, I did find one office supply store with great chairs but they are WAAAAAY over budget. Like Herman Miller level.
  3. No, I am not looking for a chinese 30eur "gaming" chair! So, I have been thinking about a new chair for quite some time as my old office chair is kinda not comfortable, but it did last great (it's like 7y old 50eur chair and still in once piece!). Anyhow, really time for an upgrade for sure. What I am looking for is a decent chair in 300 - 500 eur range that is comfortable for whole day sitting (like idk 12h/day). Clearly in EU. I'm pretty tall but not to heavy so some mid size should do fine. I noticed SecretLab is now in EU, I quite like the design (note design i
  4. Hello, A bit of a random question. I'm making a custom cooling system for a friends cosplays and it needs to be easily removable, adjustable etc as it will be reused often. My plan is PC fans and 12v battery pack. However, to make it as easy to swap, change etc as possible I was thinking of using USB connectors/cables since I have a bunch lying around. So the question is, would USB cable/connector survive 12v? Thank you for any info, I'm super rusty when it comes to electricity lol.
  5. Hello, it just started out of nowhere but recently, almost every time signal gets to my monitor (power up, wake from sleep or screensaver) my PC freezes for 10-20s and then AMD bug report pops up (which gives 0 information about the crash?!). It's mostly just annoying, but I'd like to resolve this anyway. Using radeon rx 580.
  6. I don't know what your local prices are these days but 1600 USD for a 2060 system? Yea how about no. Even so, here are all my thoughts: - Too pricy for 2060. - PSU is ... well, let's say I'd be really desparate to put it in my PC - 500GB "up to 30x faster than HDD" SSD and no other storage? Not only you'll run out of space but I can imagine some unknown brand budged dramless af POS SSD won't perform all that well - You might want to upgrade that CPU cooler .. looks nice but I doubt it performs well - Motherboard is wierd .. first I thought it was ASrock B450 pro
  7. Not sure regarding your options but I always find such cases to be best for a slightly used or refurbished office PCs you can usually find super cheap, maybe with some extra ram and a decent SSD upgrade. Answers to rest: - He wants to go ryzen? Why? Does he know PC stuff or is it just something he read on the internet? - Going with better GPU? nope, as long as it supports screens/resolutions you need you should be fine. However consider he might upgrade monitors later on to maybe 4k or something. - PCIe WIFI vs MOBO is basically whatever you find cheaper. Usually WIF
  8. It's normal. A bit high but still normal. I too have RX 580 and it idles at 55 C, but stays under 80 under heavy load and that's the important part.
  9. ammm .. just run vsync with 60hz then. Anyway, if you think you should get more performance based on benchmarks or similar, first start monitoring your temperatures. Also, what 580 model do you have? There were huge differences in coolers, stock clocks etc. Also check utilization of CPU and GPU.
  10. I as well wouldn't recommend windows 7 to anyone. However, if we stick to question at hand, current nvidia drivers still have Windows 7 64-bit support so you should be fine. Check here https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/176261/en-us
  11. I have a group of friends which shares "backup hardware". When my main rig died (laptop) I was actually running buddies GTX 780 for about half a year. Then that one died, so I used an old Radeon HD 7850 for about half a year as I couldn't buy anything in current situation. It was a meme of a bottleneck build (5600x + HD 7850) but I did game in 1080p just fine and it was much better than having a paperweight. Backup card ftw.
  12. So, I had a discussion with a friend who dropped his GPU and broke a small part of PCIe connector. It was an old GPU so no big damage was done, however it made me wonder. Would a GPU work if it doesn't have all 16 lanes working. I guess it can work in 8x or 4x slot, however would it work in 16x but just use 12 lanes for example?
  13. These seem nice indeed but kinda expensive locally (Coolermaster is not well represented). How about HyperX stuff? I know they used to reuse studio headphones back in days which made them great value.
  14. I don't need any fancy RGB or anything, but I'd stay away from any super wierd designs for video calls (don't wanna look like an alien at work lol) Anyway, checked Jabra, they look super uncomfortable tbh and again, I need them for games and music too. I don't need wireless, it's a "nice to have" but still, what do you use? haven't seen any actual recommendations
  15. Hello, I'm looking for replacement for my old HyperX revolver and was looking at Corsair Virtuoso or similar. However, it seems every headset I check has a lot of negative reviews which scares me. I might just stick with HyperX as I am very happy with them but they have a ton of different stuff nowdays as well so I'm lost. What I'm looking for: - Budget of up-to 200 eur (probably ordering from germany) - Decent sound quality (meetings, music, gaming) - Decent mic quality (I don't have space for external mic in my office!) - Comfortable (I plan to wea