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    kucharczykt got a reaction from SquiddyButler in When will the 3080 be back in stock   
    Some may argue the ethics of this method but you could use a bot that auto buys gpus to get your hands on one. As long as you aren't buying them at msrp and selling them for double or buying more than you need then I don't see issue with it.
    I think I have the link to a git hub bot saved somewhere I'll edit it in afterwards. 
    https://github.com/Hari-Nagarajan/fairgame I havent used it myself but it should work. 
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    kucharczykt reacted to Hymenopus_Coronatus in When will the 3080 be back in stock   
    Probably later today, but not for very long, there are frequently "mini drops" on newegg
    If you mean "real" in stock in that you have time to easily buy it, who knows.
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    kucharczykt got a reaction from Mark Kaine in Can this become a streaming (recording) PC?   
    A320 will get the job done but it doesn't have support for 3rd gen ryzen and I don't think it can overclock. The Silverstone fara R1 is a pretty cheap case and its approved by gamers nexus. As far as a capture card goes I don't think it's nesssacary and obs will probally be just fine, I reccomended spending that money on 16 gigs of ram instead.
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    kucharczykt reacted to Gix7Fifty in Stores like micro center.   
    If you can support Newegg.com we need them around like AMD. If you ever go to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA there is a Microcenter near by in Tustin, then you can enjoy the 2 happiest places on Earth!
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    kucharczykt reacted to kirashi in Stores like micro center.   
    /r/hmmm Google Maps might be a good starting point for you, but I do feel your pain around not having many options to choose from in smaller cities. Heck, even when NCIX was still around there were very few good options on the island of just under 900,000 people I live on, so we usually ended up ordering from NCIX, Memory Express, Amazon, or sometimes Newegg.

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    kucharczykt reacted to Mark Kaine in Can this become a streaming (recording) PC?   
    oh right I wasn't sure I need a capture card or not... that's good, and I figured more ram couldn't hurt. Thanks. 
    So would a B350 for example be better then? I think price differences should be minimal... I'll look for that case, I'd really like a small one so that might be tricky on the cheap.
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    kucharczykt reacted to Harrison D in Stores like micro center.   
    Helped my brother-in-law build his PC with all the parts coming from Best Buy. Of course that was before Covid, so..
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    kucharczykt got a reaction from PlayStation 2 in Stores like micro center.   
    Online is an option but I'd like to go to a physical store and get what I can there rather than ordering it all online.
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    kucharczykt reacted to Blue4130 in An idea for AMD   
    Because people like the option to upgrade. 
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    kucharczykt reacted to akio123008 in An idea for AMD   
    So essentially a laptop motherboard?
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    kucharczykt reacted to Cmin in Overpriced everything.   
    Nope, this us an unfortunate turn of events for computer enthusiasts.
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    kucharczykt reacted to HelpfulTechWizard in Overpriced everything.   
    Everything is fucked up right now. The meshify c on newegg was like 200 (usually 70-90) a week ago, and the RM750x was like 170 (usually like 130-140iirc) then, too. 
    *inner hamilton fan kicks in*
    (for parts to become available)
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    kucharczykt reacted to Twolf in Overpriced everything.   
    You have lots of resellers buying up stock as soon as it's listed for the MSRP and then flipping it for a 50% or more mark-up in a lot of cases. There are actual "legitimate" business's out there that do this as well as just people in a basement that happen to have a bot program of some kind. It does suck, and morally, ya, it's kind of reprehensible, but unfortunately, it's all perfectly legal (especially in a capitalist society, which, most "major" countries are).
    Plus yes, a lot of the tariffs that were suspended, became active again effective January 1st, 2021. That definitely did not help matters. Some of those may be reversed with the next administration, but we'll have to wait and see.
    Supply is also limited with Covid interfering with production and slowing it down. Demand is ridiculously high, also because of Covid, people are locked in their homes and bored stupid. So they need to find ways to entertain themselves, as such, the gaming market has seen a rather large growth over the past year, increasing the demand. Heck, I've even seen case fans being flipped (ones I am wanting, MSRP is roughly $80 US for a 3pack, currently can't find any under $130 + shipping... from China, so it takes almost a month to get to you if you do order it from them... which I won't because I refuse to support that practice, but others aren't so scrupulous as to how they get their parts, so long as they get them).
    Therein lies the other issue. People will still pay the stupid prices just so they can get the product now, rather than having to wait 6 months or more for things to stabilize (and when something new probably comes out, that also becomes hard to find).
    Yes, it really sucks. Unfortunately, the only thing we can do is boycott the resellers as much as we can, to drive prices back down to MSRP, as well as to prevent them from having the revenue to keep doing such a practice. Until such a time though that the vast majority refuse to give in to these extortionists (yes, I view it as extortion), to where it's no longer profitable for them to do this, we'll be stuck unfortunately having to deal with it and just biding our time. Also, while we could try to blame the manufactures or the retailers not having enough bot protections in place, a lot of them do try, but the programmers of the bots just find new ways to circumvent those safeguards. It's a never-ending cycle.
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    kucharczykt reacted to SpiderMan in Overpriced everything.   
    I'm seeing the same thing in the used market by me. I just look just for the hell of it but man, the prices people are asking for used parts is insane. 
    You also have an affect now that ASUS is also jacking up prices due to situations outside of their control and may follow suite with other PC component manufacturers. 
    Supply is very low and demand is high with more people staying home and looking for things to do. 
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    kucharczykt reacted to GreatnessRD in Overpriced everything.   
    Even the used market is looking crazy. I said I thought thinks would start to somewhat get back to normal end of January. But after seeing the continued goofiness going on, the poster above may be correct with their summer time analysis.
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    kucharczykt reacted to richodude in My recommendations for new builds and build upgrades   
    thanks for finding it useful i legit spent like 10 hours on it and it was a poor life choice 😧
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    kucharczykt got a reaction from richodude in My recommendations for new builds and build upgrades   
    Other than that thanks for making this list I'm garbage at making budget build less that 1000 or so
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    kucharczykt reacted to richodude in My recommendations for new builds and build upgrades   
    yeah realised that build only cost 700 so i upped it to the 3600 with still 50 bucks to spare hdds and a wifi card if you need
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    kucharczykt reacted to phoon in Just bought a slow PC from my mom...any ideas?   
    Yep thx for the idea! Definitely will do it if I end up buying a NAS just for storage.
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    kucharczykt got a reaction from phoon in Just bought a slow PC from my mom...any ideas?   
    I know close to nothing about mining and didn't know if you needed more storage but I was just pitching the idea.
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    kucharczykt reacted to phoon in Just bought a slow PC from my mom...any ideas?   
    I do, I could make a Plex server or a NAS. But I need more ideas before I make a decision.
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    kucharczykt reacted to dizmo in Overpriced everything.   
    Demand is drastically outpacing supply. That's about it.
    When will it be normal? No one really knows. We can hope for the summer, but it's entirely possible that a second strain of the virus takes much heavier tolls than the first, and we see further disruptions.
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    kucharczykt reacted to Alex Atkin UK in Overpriced everything.   
    They will, we just had a ton of product launches, during a pandemic, which hindered distribution and caused much higher demand than usual as more people wanted a new PC, while launching new consoles using the same manufacturing plants which ALSO had a higher demand than usual.
    Now WHEN this smoothes out we cannot say, but we'll get there.
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    kucharczykt reacted to Fasauceome in Non-gaming gaming laptop   
    mods will move it for you
    newegg has a section for gaming laptops, have a look at models with suitably sized SSDs (definitely avoid anything with a hard drive)