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  1. Some may argue the ethics of this method but you could use a bot that auto buys gpus to get your hands on one. As long as you aren't buying them at msrp and selling them for double or buying more than you need then I don't see issue with it. I think I have the link to a git hub bot saved somewhere I'll edit it in afterwards. https://github.com/Hari-Nagarajan/fairgame I havent used it myself but it should work.
  2. I'll look into it. After the summer I should have some money to invest into a buissness. In the meantime I'll look into repairing and flipping cheaper laptops consoles and those things. Once again thanks for the idea.
  3. Idk what your looking at but you dont need a capture card to record your screen. If you have a laptop or running desktop download obs its a free software and it records at 1080p60 or more I'm not entirely shure.
  4. I'm not an expert so I don't know how it works but apps like obs use some sort of software to take what is actively being displayed on your screen were I think a capture card takes the image that is being transmitted to your moniter. Basically a capture card interacts with your gpu directly were as a software takes the image after it has been displayed to the screen.
  5. I don't have anything againt buying online. But in store retailer seem to be more likely to have sales and bundle deals I also don't have to wait for stuff to be delivered.
  6. The used market is booming around here so if I were over 18 I would definitely consider it.
  7. Yea b350 would be better but you would still have to upgrade when/if you upgrade your cpu to ryzen 5000 series.
  8. Get an ergonomic chair doesn't have to be anything special theres plenty of videos on youtube that compare different ones and steve from gamers nexus recently made a video about desk chairs.
  9. A320 will get the job done but it doesn't have support for 3rd gen ryzen and I don't think it can overclock. The Silverstone fara R1 is a pretty cheap case and its approved by gamers nexus. As far as a capture card goes I don't think it's nesssacary and obs will probally be just fine, I reccomended spending that money on 16 gigs of ram instead.
  10. Online is an option but I'd like to go to a physical store and get what I can there rather than ordering it all online.
  11. There's not one in my state but thanks any ways.
  12. Are there any stores similar to micro-center that have pc hardware and other such things. If I'm allowed to post my general location I'll edit the post to have that too. I live near gaylord, mi if any one knows of store in that area.
  13. Is there any way to get around this?
  14. There's some used 1660 ti's that can be found for less than 200 or so if you do some looking and/or bargaining(I think that's the right word) and it should be ok with 4k decoding. If not a 2060 will work. Also I'm not super familer with the amd lineup and preformence but mabey do some googleing and see if 2 of what ever card you have will be able to handle it using crossfire.
  15. Other than that thanks for making this list I'm garbage at making budget build less that 1000 or so
  16. So uh buy while the prices are "down"? Or buy used.
  17. Yeah I saw at the bottom that the gpu was to be bought used I just found the price almost funny. One thing I would criticize is the 3200g can be bought for hardly more than the 1600 you used.
  18. Umm... Check the price of the gpu on the 800 dollar build
  19. I know close to nothing about mining and didn't know if you needed more storage but I was just pitching the idea.
  20. Like others said a server/NAS would be good if you need the storage. You could buy a used 1650 or somthing and use it as a mining rig but I don't know if it would be worth it.
  21. Why are the prices of so many pc components (especially cpus and gpus) being ramped up so much? Will pricing continue to have an upwards trend if so will it stay there or will prices come back down? Can we expect prices to plateau soon, either way will prices be going back down and if so when can I expect this to happen. I saw Tom hardware post an article saying gpu pricing may go up ~5-25% but this wasnt soppost to go into effect till next year. I'm looking to build a new pc soon (I'm wishing I would have done it this time last year) but I don't want to pay more than necessary and I'm willing
  22. I looked at the Huion KAMVAS 22'' drawing tablet with 360 degree rotating monitor arm. They have compatible vesa mounts so I dont see why they wouldn't work.
  23. A little bit of evereything. 3D modeling and rendering, 2d drawing and animation, video and photo editing, esports titles, and writing. The things I know I will continue to do long term is esports gaming, editing, 2d art and writing. Because I don't do any intensive gaming I was still considering the xps 15 and I even thought about an m1 mac mini.