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  1. Was downloading the 'short' EU pdf rather than the anex *facepalm* Thanks for everything mate
  2. Not saying this to be picky but just let you know because I do agree with you However, I use a BQ case with low rpm BQ case fans, my graphics card is the MSI variant which has semi-passive cooling and turns off the fans completely when idling, and I use an m.2 drive for my main boot, with an SSD for my main storage needs so that there is no mechanical HDD making a noise. I believe the loudest thing currently to be my PSU and maybe CPU cooler fan.
  3. Ok so i'm probably sounding really incompetent right now but I can see the charts which make sense with when it changes RPM and how loud it gets, but where are the RPM values found? PS: Thanks for your quick replies
  4. Can't seem to find what you're suggesting on that website. Edit: Found it
  5. From cybenetics average noise output in decibels: TX550M 31.64 L10-CM-500 19.66 L10-CM-600 20.76 Assuming the PP11's the same as the PP10 (L10 above) it is indeed quieter by a fair bit.
  6. This stuff is what i'm looking for, could you perhaps link me where you got this information from or tell me the website? Is the same fan curve true for PP11 CM(you put PP10) 500W/600W?
  7. Hi there, was recommended a TXM a few months ago on my first post and thought i'd do some digging of my own now i can afford it. I had a look about myself and since low noise is important to me I found these BQ Pure power units in the same tier list (B+- for mid-range) as the TXM but could do with some confirmations on power supply units mentioned, cheers. Price not a factor between these units as they all fit my budget of ≤£90. Running a 2600x and 1660S so i'd assume power draw not going to be over 450W in any case, even if I overclocked a bit. Questions include: 1. Which will be t
  8. Exactly what I was looking for and more. Will take the 1660 Super over the RX 590 and keep my original power supply for now. And as I come into more money later will upgrade my PSU with something from the TX line / use the tier list @Oswin provided. ?
  9. Just to clarify I only have one PSU - the EVGA 500B 500W 80+ Bronze.
  10. Cheers everyone for the quick responses! Hadn't looked into that Motherboard before thanks for sharing, but to be honest with the open glass panel I would like a little bit of RGB so I would probably keep it. RX 590 is £175 ($231 USD) and cheapest 1660S is £220 ($290 USD). On its own this upgrade costs too much for me vs performance increase. However, seeing how little power it consumes compared to the 590 I could pay £45-50 more for the 1660S and keep my EVGA 500W supply for sure right? Meaning better performance and cheaper since no need of new PSU.
  11. First ever post apologies if I have done anything incorrectly, and for the waffle if you don't have time just scour the highlighted information and answer from that, thanks! Since 2015 I have been running this setup primarily for gaming (CSGO, SUPCOM FA, Borderlands 2 etc..), web-surfing and coursework. CASE: AvP Mamba ATX Midi CPU: AMD Bulldozer FX-6300 GPU: AMD R7 370 MOBO: ASUS M5A78L-M USB3 RAM: Crucial Ballistix 1600Mhz DDR3 (1x8GB) SSD: Kingston V300 120GB HDD: WD Blue 1TB PSU: EVGA 500B 500W 80+ Bronze However, having got