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  1. How could I go about removing the PCI bracket?
  2. Going down 6 queue positions a week for a 3070 wasn't the greatest thing when I had a brand new PC right next to me (just without a gpu). I decided to buy a gt 710 2gb from a friend who recently upgraded to a 1050ti so I can actually use my PC. Only problem is that the GPU mounting part on the left where it screws into the case is too short for my case (h510 elite). I think it's because it has a low profile bracket on, anyone know how I can sort this out?
  3. I've had my Corsair K95 Platinum XT for about 5 months now but I haven't put the macro keys to good use. Does anybody now how I could make them play sound effects when I press them?
  4. I'm gonna sort this in the morning because my head is killing me because I am extremely smart and accidentally hit my head really hard on the corner of my new desk. Thanks for the help though.
  5. All the fans are spinning so they should be fine, instead of reseating all the components should I just make sure all the cables are plugged in properly? I don't really want to have to reseat the motherboard and stuff because my head is killing me, do you know how to troubleshoot a headache by any chance? Anyway if all that doesn't work I'm assuming it could be the psu or ram since I've heard that is normally the problem with something like this. Or maybe I accidentally shorted something out since I was standing on carpet. Hopefully I can sort this tonight so I can lie down, watch some fresh p
  6. I got a new desk so I had to move my pc. I decided to dust it out using compressed air for the cables and components and a hoover to get all the dust off the side panels and case. The problem is that when I plugged everything back into my pc and monitor and turned my pc on, it boots up but doesn't display anything. My speaker's led turned on and my headset stand's lighting came on but not to what I have set in the software instead being what it has preset which is normal because my lighting profile set up in iCue only works after steam and everything has finished updating when I turn my pc on.
  7. @huilun02 I tried hooking it up to a PC but nothing happened so I'm gonna try my PC when I get home.
  8. @Juular no display or notification when plugged in.
  9. @RadiatingLight trying that now I thought that the half plugged in charger could be sending the wrong amount of power to the phone I'll update this soon. EDIT: I've had it plugged in for about 10-15 minutes now and it still won't work.
  10. I had my phone (Motorola G6) plugged in overnight to an extension lead but when I woke up and went to check my phone it didn't turn on. I tried the fingerprint sensor and power button but nothing. When I went to check the charger I noticed that it was half unplugged; I don't know how long it had been like this but could this have caused my problems? Thanks in advance. EDIT: I've had my phone plugged in for about another 10-15 minutes to see if it just wasn't charged and I just felt the phone and it's already quite warm. Does this mean anything?