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    CGI, Computers, and LTT
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    I have been using computers for many years and have grown a keen interest in them. I love building and modifying them as well as running my primary CGI program, Blender. I would love to try and answer questions and help other people out. I mainly know about older machines because they are the ones that I like the most.


  • CPU
    Intel Xeon W3670
  • Motherboard
    OEM Intel X58 motherboard
  • RAM
    24GB DDR3-ECC
  • GPU
    AMD RX 570 8GB
  • Case
    Dell OEM
  • Storage
    1x500 WD Blue, 1x1TB WD Bue, 1x512GB Samsung 950 PRO
  • PSU
    700W ThermalTake
  • Display(s)
    Asus VP247 1920x1080@75hz
  • Cooling
    Dell OEM cooling
  • Keyboard
    Logitech K800
  • Mouse
    Logitech M510
  • Sound
    Asus VP247 Speakers and Soundmax integrated audio
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro x64
  • Laptop
    Toshiba Satellite C655D & Mircosoft Surface Pro 2017
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  1. Disable the Ethernet and when he is allowed to play games, use a USB WiFi card
  2. I just found out. It is a laptop. Download his homework and the physically remove the WiFi card.
  3. I may be able to it with sunglasses on or something XD. Also, I would have to do it virtually, we can't just leave for Canada.
  4. Do you think it is even worth entering? If I could convince my parents to not have to use a blur, would that be ok?
  5. No, he would still here and see me fine, like with any video call. It would be just when it gets shared on YT.
  6. I can slightly change my voice for the video, so it will have audio. Also, these aren't my rules, and I did get permission, (and a lot of encouragement) from my parents. He has some people that are like that, their faces and voices are blurred. I am not even sure if I will win, but if I do, will I disqualified for that? Thanks in advance!
  7. I am not old enough to fly to Canada on my own, plus, I am not allowed to have my face/voice on YT due some very bad and creepy experiences with Google, do I still even stand a chance? I know the video is not a live stream, so would LMG just blur out my face and change my voice? I don't even think I will win, as there are people with better PCs that can edit videos faster than I can XD. Would any of this be an issue if I did? Thanks in advance!
  8. So, I can hit the full 1.25GBps on this board? If so, I am set for a drive.
  9. I would avoid Chinese mobos as they do not offer much OC support. Also, for that budget, you could probably buy a Ryzen 5 system that would KILL X79. More cores does not equal better performance, especially with those older Xeons. They may a crap ton of cores, but their per-core performance is not great. Here is a good example: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/Intel-Xeon-E5-2670-v2-vs-AMD-Ryzen-5-3600/2152vs3481 Trust me, my 6 core Xeon is beat buy my 4 core Ryzen 3 APU
  10. Hey, So I am building a budget PC based on the motherboard in the title. I have figured out everything but the SSD. I know it is SATAe, or PCIe 2.0x2. This should be capable of 1,250MB/s, which is ok for cheaper SSDs. My questions are: A: Will I get this speed provided I have a capable NVMe? B: Is there anything in the BIOS of this board that will allow me to maybe use more PCIe lanes, (like PCIe 2. X4) or make it run faster? C: What drives will not be bottlenecked by this interface? I was thinking like a WD Black 2017 or Toshiba XG5 (512GB). D: Aside from those insane A
  11. Well, for a CPU, do not go much more than 95W, so probably a Phenom II X4 960T or similar. You MAY be able to run a lower powered FX chip in it, I am not 100% sure though. For RAM, you can probably do 16GB. My system took to that much RAM quite well. You should be able to also use ECC UDIMMs. I did this and it worked flawlessly. For PSU, any PSU with 20+4 pin and an extra 4 pin for CPU will do. You should be able to run any GPU, but do not put something crazy in it as you are limited by both PCIE Gen 2 and your CPU. Hope this helps! PS I have found that you can put an mATX board in
  12. I understand. I did not mean put the GPU up for 200. What did you pay for it?