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  1. Hey this made me laugh because at least I found something I am skilled at 90% of orders? I think I would be banned way earlier. I am 8 years there. i can show you also my amazon order history and see how much money I spend there without asking for any refund. I am a working person. do not need to steal a few dollars
  2. My transcripts with the piece of shit seller that reported me and probably didn't even ship me the item: Message 1: Message 2 after he told me to wait: Edit: Got access to the case: deleted some text due to sensitive information Hope this seller will not earn money anymore in eBay if he reported me. Fact is I did not receive my item after nearly 2 months. At least for all the shit sellers that I opened dispute
  3. They are very buyer friendly - I don't remember any case where they did not refund me when shit happened. But after the case with the 100$ item (a few years ago) when I saw it takes so long to get my money back - and at first they tried to make me look responsible for getting a DoA - I stopped buying expensive items from there. Also, they separate an order with multiple items to difference dispute cases, so if you dispute on an order with say 4 items (like in my case) - it opens 4 different cases. last order was the 5th in a span of a year and that triggered their algorithm of abus
  4. Can't find a way to call them? What's their number. It's ridiculous that COVID probably got my items lost and asking for my money back which is justified gets me banned. Just careful when buying at those times. Ay mate I never said it makes me better, and I know I am no better, I just point it to him that he is a PoS, regardless if I am this or that. But you should read carefully who started the fire instead of defending your online friends who love to curse and be aggressive behind the keyboard. But of course you are long time in this forum and wants to defend some of your frie
  5. You need an ice cream. I'm sure you have problems in life judging by this idiotic comment *When people calling others they don't know "douches" - I usually figured they are really big douches in real life. You sound like it through the letters lol. Speaking of "anger". I don't even know where to start. can't believe I spent a few seconds replying to this dumb thing. and I'm 100% sure people don't like being around you
  6. I just got an access to my account with restricted view after resetting the password. I noticed that for the order I made last year and did not arrive I opened a case. This order had 4 items in it (all items from the same seller). each cost 3$ for a total of 14$ including shipping and when I asked for a refund it opened 4 separate cases on each item instead of the entire order.. well done eBay. so I believe when I opened a case this time it was the 5th case and probably it's an automatic thing if you open 5 cases in a span of a year? What's up with UK shipments? this order was also f
  7. I feel there's more to the story as well, just wish I knew what, they should at least give some information before banning an old user. Maybe because it's my first purchase on eBay in over a year. Maybe they don't like that I barely buy from them and the only time I buy I report that I didn't receive the item. But come on, it's been 2 months since I bought it.
  8. I did file after nothing worked and got it after quite a long time.. but at first they sided him Yep that's what I do but this type of cable is not a regular cable and I found it only from this seller. I think I will get my cable after all, it will take time, but still all I did was to understand why it's so long. I just think about what if it was something for hundreds of $ and eBay suddenly decides to ban you. I mean imagine you have completely no access to your account and no 1 to contact with if you are banned after paying so much. For me it's a 6$ cable I reall
  9. the is reasonable but the one I bought the 100$ was not a big seller so I really was on the right side there
  10. I am not leaving anything. Last time I bought from eBay was before COVID, long time ago. But perhaps eBay has a counter of "bad buyer reports" if sellers just don't like you if you asked for a refund. And of course I did in the past when I did not receive the items
  11. Yep I have no idea how it works And I really don't do on purpose. I just really have a lot of experience of not receiving items from eBay, and even before COVID, so I do claim for refunds sometimes. But only if it's true. I never do it for no reason Yes but it was a closed box item so certain things may come DoA such as motherboards and stuff so it's not always the seller's fault really, but he never replied to any solution I suggested. I mean no replies at all
  12. I don't like leaving negative feedbacks because people make living from that and it can hurt them. Unless something is very wrong like that guy who didn't even reply to me after paying him 100$ . All I want is to get what I paid for. Also one story I have about my experience with eBay: I once didn't receive an item after a long time and got a refund, after long time I got it and contacted the seller and paid him back so I don't like to steal from people I would not sell on eBay because of that and stories I heard as well. Just saying I'm not like that and the fact I never got any bad
  13. I did wait more than 7 days after the date. All I did was asking the seller but he probably reported me because he wanted to avoid things and he is an old seller so probably has more power. Me too got refund by nice sellers when I didn't receive certain items
  14. I think you need more explanation because you're mixing many things. For the 100$ item I first asked to ship it back for a replacement working item or a refund. So yes. this is called "Refund request" - I see you know some things nice But for the cable there is an option to click "I didn't receive item" and press - "I want this item" instead "I want refund". so I clicked "I want this item" and you also have to leave a message to the seller so I asked him if he has any information regarding tracking the item. 2 different cases hopefully you understand things a little bit more. So ye