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  1. I got non ecc ram and still nothing. Do you think it's the motherboard?
  2. Yes well kind of the other computer uses the same ram and the motherboard is from an old Dell Vostro 220 so idk how reliable that is for testing purposes.
  3. No I don't I'm just going to wait for the new non ecc ram to come and if that doesn't work I'll be back here asking questions haha. But I really appreciate all you guys who know stuff getting back to me.
  4. Yes the monitor works with my laptop and in the pictures I was jsut trying dvi to another monitor but that didn't change anything
  5. Yeah the thing is I don't think the motherboard has its. Own display port
  6. Is the the blue slot closest to the cpu?
  7. OK thank you what would you recommend? It's LGA 1156 socket
  8. OK thank you I'll have to order some ram to see if that helps. So the cpu I have will work but it's just not great?
  9. Thank you the first thing didn't work. not sure what ECC memory means but what ram would you recommend me trying
  10. Yes I made sure that it's all the way in and clicked donwn
  11. Yes I had the power connectted to the PSU I took it off just because I was moving my build and same with the cpu cooler. The cardboard was to give support to the gpu just in case the pcie couldn't hold it perfectly upright
  12. Hey guys so I'm just getting into building pcs. I'm working on my first build and I thought I made sure oll the parts are correct but when I installed them and fired up the pc the monitor didn't turn on at all its didn't even say no signal. The fans and all the lights came on and the pus fan came on and the gpu lit up and the fan turned on. But nothing happened. I'm using the HDmi form my gpu to my monitor. Here is what I'm using for my build. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong! Thanks Motherboard: ASUS P7P55D-E PRO Cpu: INTEL CORE I5 680 2 CORE 3.6GHZ GPU: NVIDIA GE