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  1. 3 minutes ago, Grabhanem said:

    From brief reading, Z87/Z97 were a bit sketchy about NVMe support-- try disabling legacy mode/setting it to UEFI only.

    Where do i find that legacy mode/setting in my bios what would i be under ?

  2. So i got a m.2 drive some time ago and i wanted to install windows on it.

    How do i make my m.2 into a bootable device.


    I dont see it in my boot priority on my bios.


    My motherboard is a z97-p

  3. So i have been looking at Asus GTX 1070 ROG Strix OC. it says it has 1x8 pin power connector.

    But i have seen some videos where it has 1x8 and 1x6 power connecters so. am i wrong it has one 8 pin power connector. ?


    And how long would this card be relevant for. ?

  4. So i have been thinking to get the GTX 1650S so.

    Can it run VR it will mostly just be plus or do i have to go a bit higher becuse the 1650S is pretty much my highest budget.

    Becuse it cost me about 215 USD - 200 EUROs in my own country.

    Or would there be any better GPU for that ?


    Edit; Will a RX 5500 XT be better for VR then ?

  5. 6 minutes ago, Tristerin said:

    So you have done this (iGPU booted into Windows) and checking Device Manager the card is not detected? Makes sense since its failing (artifacting) which seems to be causing it to fail to boot into Windows.


    You could try the GPU in another slot on the mobo just to try, but (since I have this option this is what I would do) I would try the GPU in another machine to see if same issue.  If so its a dead card in my book


    They can be "reflowed" but I don't recommend that unless you have a toaster oven you don't mind not using for food in the future.

    Well its a old GTX 760 was thinking to replace it in the coming months.


    It is detected in device Manager.


  6. 58 minutes ago, Tristerin said:


    The OP of this thread is @B1ueTera and you from left field answered the question they were quoted on.  Are you one and the same (you aren't supposed to have 2 accounts FYI)

    This is my only account.


    But if i have my graphic card in and turn to intel graphics on. MSI afterburner or CPU-Z cant dectect my card.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Tristerin said:


    Im confused - who the OP? lol


    If you cant get into Windows - what CPU do you have and does it have an iGPU you can switch to?

    I created the post.


    But thats a pretty good idea so its not really dead ?

    I will try to use my intel GPU and see if i can downclock it and see if that will work.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Tristerin said:

    That is artifacting - have you applied any overclocks?  If so take them off, does this continue?  If not (no OC applied) its likely towards the end of its lifecycle.  I believe you can try to drop clock speeds and memory speeds slightly to try to get the artifacting to stop short term while you seek to replace (but Id wait for another, more versed user, to have more detail on that than I do)

    I cant even get into windows.

  9. My PC is pretty old its prob eol around 5 years. not looking to upgrade my pc anymore after this next step is pretty much getting a new one.


    My CPU is a Intel core i5 4690 3.5GHz.

    16 GB ram its a one 8 and 2x4 GB becuse i could not find any others becuse my pc is so old.

    GTX 760.


    I am buying at a site called komplett its Danish.