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  1. I have the same problem wont turn on at all. also tried to take the connectors out and then in again and that does not work. Asus rog strix b550-f gaming.
  2. Hi. I really need help so i broke one of the screws on the bracket i need to get out. I do not have a drill atm and don't have money for one. I really need to get it out so i can get the cpu cooler on.
  3. My m.2 is not detected in BIOs but it is in windows.
  4. Well it still dosen`t show up as bootable
  5. Alright i will try that
  6. Where do i find that legacy mode/setting in my bios what would i be under ?
  7. So i got a m.2 drive some time ago and i wanted to install windows on it. How do i make my m.2 into a bootable device. I dont see it in my boot priority on my bios. My motherboard is a z97-p
  8. So i have been looking at Asus GTX 1070 ROG Strix OC. it says it has 1x8 pin power connector. But i have seen some videos where it has 1x8 and 1x6 power connecters so. am i wrong it has one 8 pin power connector. ? And how long would this card be relevant for. ?
  9. Is RX 5500 XT better for VR then ?
  10. Or would more VRAM like RX 580 be better ?
  11. So i have been thinking to get the GTX 1650S so. Can it run VR it will mostly just be plus or do i have to go a bit higher becuse the 1650S is pretty much my highest budget. Becuse it cost me about 215 USD - 200 EUROs in my own country. Or would there be any better GPU for that ? Edit; Will a RX 5500 XT be better for VR then ?
  12. The card is 100% dead cant give it CPR so thread is pretty much closed.
  13. Well its a old GTX 760 was thinking to replace it in the coming months. It is detected in device Manager.
  14. This is my only account. But if i have my graphic card in and turn to intel graphics on. MSI afterburner or CPU-Z cant dectect my card.