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Brok3n But who cares?

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    A slowly learning Retard
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    The Lofi Galaxy
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    Not Telling
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    Stalking people


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    Asus z490-v (ew, I know)
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    Team Tforce Delta 32gb 3200mhz cl16
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    RTX 3070 Ventus 2x
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    Phanteks p360a ripoff
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    SN550 1tb
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    Apevia Prestige 800w
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    Acer EI342CKR Pbmiippx [144hz 1440p ultrawide]
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    Deepcool Castle EX 120mm in push/pull
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    Razer Blackwidow elite
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    Razer Mamba Elite
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    Klipsch R-41PM-
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    Acer Chronbook R11- *Cough* - 12
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    Xiaomi Mi Note 8 Pro

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  1. Not unless you increase the workload. It's less about the GPU and more about what's going on. Of course, one can hold back the other, but it takes pretty extreme circumstances to get there. 100% utilization on your CPU Does not necessarily mean It's bottlenecking.
  2. What's the logic there? Like why do you think that you'd get worse stutters with a 3080, I'm genuinely interested. Usually you'd be stuttering if you're maxing out on some type of resource, whether that be vram, ram, perhaps just cpu cores, lol, It could also be the fault of the drivers for your hardware, or just the game.
  3. I'd just say get a 3080 and maybe upgrade down the line. Intel has alder lake-s chips (12th gen) coming this year with pcie-gen 5 support, up to 16 cores, and ddr5 ram support, and amd's 6th generation should be similar.
  4. I'd get a phanteks p400a/500a/360a digital, a cooler master TD500 mesh, or a lian li lancool 2/ 215 mesh. As from the vert. mount, Just go with @Skiiwee29's suggestion, as it should provide more space between the fans of the gpu and the side panel of the case, so the gpu can better cool itself.
  5. The klipsch cinema 800/1200 are nice systems, The Sennheiser Ambeo was pretty great, ect. Biggest thing I've noticed is that for the price I've always managed to find better sounding options that don't compromise on aesthetics or convenience
  6. Don't really agree with what you're saying, I have a 5.1 yahmaha soundbar system, and a pair of klipsch r-41pm's. Off-sale same price, On-sale the klipschs are $150 cheaper. Needless to say, I prefer them over the soundbar system. If you just have the soundbar standalone, the comparison is laughable. As for "mess of wires," Not really, not unless you want to go the full 5 miles with a passive system. A powered system is a speaker wire and a power cable. Have soundbars come a long way? Yeah, they have. Can they be more convenient than a speaker system? Sure. But currently that's about it. From
  7. I- Wh whhaaaaa This make me konfoos. Anyways, Maybe it's an older logitech board? That's what the sketch reminds me of.
  8. Eugh... Soundbar systems aren't my favorite (Cheap componentry, everything tends to suck and sound is pretty bad since the system is so compact, jamming like 3 2/3 inch woofers and a tweeter or two into a single package), especially when they're made by companies like lg, samsung, yahmaha, ect. Klipsch, B&O, and some other companies do good jobs though (generally), but obviously Model>Brand. Dunno why you'd want a soundbar system for a desk setup, however.
  9. Klipsch Bookshelf Speakers, 2-pack (costco.com) These are the Klipsch r41 m's. There's pretty great speakers that go decently well with a desk setup. You could buy 2 pairs for these for your front/rear surrounds. However, You'll need a Costco membership to get access to these. They're available elsewhere, but at costco it's like ~$60 USD iirc, and from other places when it's not on promos It's around $110 a pair. Amazon.com: Klipsch R-52C Powerful Detailed Center Channel Home Speaker - Black: Home Audio & Theater Here's a center channel, nothing much to say here it's just a pairing
  10. Okay, How technical do you want to go? You could go for a more of a diy system where you'd be selecting your own speakers, amps/receivers, and subwoofers, or you could go for a more preconfigured-style system like the logitech z906 system. You could do a true-diy audiophile system where you assemble the components for the speakers yourself, But I can't help you there. I'll be assuming you want to go with a more of a diy system. Do you have any wants/needs in terms of features, aesthetics, or others?
  11. Those temps look pretty fine to me. This is after how long? Like 83c and 70c is pretty decent for your hardware.
  12. How high are the temps? Going custom loop for temps really usually isn't worth it, as them temp reductions you're looking at are usually pretty small coming from the cooling config you have, especially going to just a single 240mm rad (or is it two?). You can get your hands on some more affordable loops, I'd say $400 would be enough for a decent loop minus that GPU block and that distro plate you have. $300 is possible too, but just remember that's without a gpu block, which could be around $100 USD. As for living in Finland, well, that's going to pump up prices even more, most likely
  13. cl16 3200mhz should perform basically identically to 3600mhz cl18, but usually is cheaper. a 3080 should be pretty fine with a 700w PSU unless you're doing some oc'ing from what I've seen. Least I've seen people run a 3080 on max load with no problems with is a 650w, 700w might be a little close to the minimum, but I don't think It's much of something to worry about unless you plan on oc'ing or using your psu for builds years down the line. As for stuff not fitting in your case, I mean that's fine but I don't really think you should be doing builds for other people based off of your circumstan
  14. bahaha I run at 15gb usage just going day-to-day doing normal tasks. I couldn't live without 32gb of ram Hmmm 16gb should be plenty, what do you have running in the background (if at all?). I would recommend getting a 2x16gb kit, as right now there's really no point going with four sticks as quad-channel for mainstream cpus isn't a thing, You'd be occupying all your dimm slots, ect. I do believe that 16 gig modules are dual-rank, so another reason not to go with 4 sticks, basically 16x2 is just the better option with way more pros than going 4x8, however pretty it may lo