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    Asus z490-v
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    Team Tforce Delta 32gb 3200mhz cl16
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    Stopgap uhd630 lol
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    Phanteks p360a ripoff
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    SN550 1tb
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    Apevia Prestige Gold 800w
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    Razer Blackwidow elite
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    Headphone: Hifiman Ananda
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    Windows 10 Home
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    Acer Chromebook r12
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    Xiaomi Mi Note 8 Pro

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  1. Uhh well what I would recommend depends on your priorities. Do you care about aesthetics much, having a wireless headset, ect.? Is sound quality a priority? Do you have a budget for a headphone/headset, and do you require a mic? That stuff. In my experience gaming brands don't create very good headsets- astro, steelseries, razer, corsair, whatever.
  2. Yes, these types of keyboards are fairly popular within the custom keyboard community. Something like an alice layout might work for you, however these styles of keyboards are significantly more difficult to get prebuilt and even in the custom keyboard community many of the components needed to create one (namely the case) are usually in extremely high demand. Check something like this out for inspiration: That cheap Alice style custom mechanical keyboard - YouTube And here's an awesome introduction to custom mechanical keyboards: An Introduction to Custom Mechanical Keyboards I do not
  3. Well, this hobby is extremely subjective. There are things about the cloud alpha s that you may prefer. Is there a reason in particular you're looking to upgrade (if you are), or are you just curious? Are you specifically concerned with a specific feature, such as soundstage or imaging? Well, it was quite an experience in my opinion, when I transitioned from a standard consumer headphone to a nice open-back. To be frank, I was a little disappointed at first, but in my experience, after a while I started to slowly appreciate my new cans more and more. Trying out my old headphones and co
  4. An incredibly subjective statement with a lot of hyperboles here in my opinion. 6xx simply does not stack up to something like susvara in almost any circumstance, regardless of power or your subjective preferences. Of course, to some, say susvara, are beyond endgame. While it's all about perspective, I don't particularly like how this is voiced. 1. That '90%' is a totally arbitrary figure. While I get your meaning, introducing this type of misconception really isn't going to help OP in the future. Stuff like this (and things you said above) had me in audio hell for a little while...
  5. With this (at least I hope) Nobody's expecting it to outperform a 3000usd speaker system, this is about the stature, branding, and luxury elements I suppose- rather than claimed performance. Snake oil basically always claims to enhance performance, otherwise it's not... really snake oil anymore in my opinion.
  6. Hey, here's some recommendations I have. I have a lot more, but I made a promise (and bit off a lot more than I could chew - and uh, sorry for the incoming wall of text-). The main thing I'm concerned about is inputs with speakers. A lot of the speakers (or passive speakers with amp/dac pairings) lack some inputs you may want, and the a/v receiver market in canada seems to be shot to hell (at least on amazon)... so, here I am! I have a partially completed list of recommendations, and there's a lot more to come. Don't worry if you're a little confused, I'll add in more guidance in the finished
  7. Well, I have some good news, and I have bad news. Good news? Your budget is excellent, It'll accommodate for basically anything you could want. You seem to have a ton of flexibility, and that's great too. A want for clear and crisp sound is also great, You'll be able to get that and more. Also, just to make sure you know, spending this much money absolutely isn't required. If you're open to lower-cost options (and if you prefer it), please make it known to me now, since your priorities can be achieved easily (most likely) with a sub-250 CAD speaker. Bad news? Well, you're in
  8. Is there a specific type of sound you prefer (For example, bass-heavy, boosted treble, warm, ect, whatever)? Would you like a subwoofer for better bass extension? Any other wants/needs that you didn't mention, such as having them be a certain color?
  9. A Budget for starters would help? The feeling of a subwoofer pressurizing an enclosed space can't really be replicated by headphones, also. If you want groundshaking bass, uhh, basically no headphone is going to give you that same feeling... maybe something with haptic motors perhaps? That's it's.
  10. -With this, you can start to see why those like MKBHD think that the m50x is a great headphone. It's one sentence comparing a mediocre headphone to another mediocre headphone. One sentence is "droning on" as well. What can I say? Interesting. Seeing that I never stated that, and I recommended two headphones above, I'd say that's a bold claim. In terms of ANC? Yeah, sure. In terms of sound? Not really, Sony Hear.on.2's or the wh-h910 will nearly match the flagships. Personal experience. Depending on the situation, and ANC headphone may not help with the noise
  11. Have you seen the app, or tried to used to use it? Good luck fixing this. It's a mediocre headphone- even for the class- in the areas that I care about, it exceeds in very few functions, even overall there are very few people that should actually pay $200+ for this. With this, you can start to see why those like MKBHD think that the m50x is a great headphone.
  12. Maybe if you like bass cannons. Anc is supposed to be some of the best in class, I guess comfort should be fine for most people, good battery. Otherwise? Meh, not great imo.
  13. Best options are obviously wired if sound quality is the priority. $150 is a bit tricky though, the person you're buying the gift for could go for an "entry level... enthusiast" headphone, such as say, the he400se or the beyredynamic tygr, possibly the dt770 pros or something? But those would like an amp (at least a dongle), which would set you back even more. I suppose along with koss stuff (wired, and wireless, wireless mentioned above, wired being the Koss porta pro, Kph30i, ur40, GMR 545-air and ksc75 ), you could consider the akg k361/k371 BT. Excellent closed-backs from what I've heard,
  14. Koss makes decent stuff. KSC35, kph7 wireless, I guess the porta pro wireless even. Most likely outperforms or at the very minimum nearly matches the cloud II, just they look like absolute garbage.
  15. Could something along the lines of a ddc do anything? It'd be an expensive solution even if that could work.