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  1. The problem stills, but I was wrong about the PCIE speed. I had a bugged GPU-Z version. The new GPU-Z shows x16 3.0 under load. Installed a R9 280X and, yes, about 10% less fps.
  2. I think it's the socket pins. I can't see any bent sockets, but it's one of the last ideas I have.
  3. PCIE @ 16x 1.1, instead of 3.0. Stays 1.1 under load. I think it's the problem!
  4. I think it's not XMP, cause the CPU performance (Physics Test) was very, very good. And XMP alone couldn't cause a 10fps drop. I tried to load optimized default. I ended up changing the DZ77RE-75K, which is one of my favorites mobo, for the Z77 Extreme 4, which now is in use. I'll try to find answers!
  5. Tried another ssd, which has Windows 10 installed. No dice. Tried Titan with a third motherboard, an Asrock Z77 Extreme 4. Titan scored as expected. The low score happens only with the Intel DZ77RE-75K. I can't undestand.
  6. Thanks for still helping me! So, Windows same build, cause I'm using the same SSD. Spectre and Meltdown, I suppose it's in the same condition, cause I'm using the same SSD. XMP and dual channel enabled in both systems. I don't believe it's CPU/RAM related, cause the system with lower graphics performance, have higher CPU performance in 3DMark! About the scores, a simple example: In 3DMark 11 Graphics Test 3, I'm getting about 97fps with the Asrock, while getting 88fps with the Intel. It's a consistent difference between all the graphics test.
  7. Ok, but can you guess what's happening? I put all the components installed in the the Asrock Z77 Pro 4 in the Intel DZ77RE-75K. The 10% difference remains!!!
  8. Looks like something related with the PCIE bandwidth! I swapped all the parts and nothing changed.
  9. Sorry for the poorly organized post, and thanks for your reply. I bought a GTX Titan, last week, and I installed it in a test rig. This test rig are working with a 3570K CPU, an Asrock Z77 Pro 4 Motherboard, 2x2GB G. Skill 1600mhz RAM and a EVGA 500W PSU. I just used 3DMark for testing the graphics card, which is working fine. After testing, I just installed the GTX Titan in another rig, for using it. The other rig are working with a 3770 CPU, an Intel DZ77RE-5K motherboard, 2x4GB Kingston HyperX RAM and a EVGA 500W PSU. In the 3570K
  10. Hi, thanks for reading my post. I was testing a Geforce GTX Titan with a 3570K and an Asrock Z77 Pro 4 motherboard. Then, I installed the GTX Titan in my main build, with a 3770 and an Intel DZ77RE-5k. In the second build, I get about 10% less fps in all 3DMark graphics tests. It's a consistent difference. I tried to install the PSU, RAMs and the SSD of the test build in the main build. Nothing changed. The only thing I kept in the main build is the processor, cause, in the Physics test (CPU), it's performing s
  11. Hi, how are you? Thanks for reading my post. I bought a GTX Titan with a EK-FC Titan block. There is an attached picture showing the block. There is another attached picture showing what is missing. I don't know exacly how these things are called, cause it's my first block. Is it called fittings? Can I buy a fitting of another brand, with the same specification? I really need two, or one is enough? Can I buy this? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32859527675.html?spm=a2g0o.pro
  12. Thank you! Do you think it's oil from thermal pads or fluid from wc, since the owner used a ek block?