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  1. When your puppy loves linustechtips as much as you.
  2. Looking to upgrade my faithfull gtx970. Running a ryzen 5 3600 on b450 aorus elite and 16gb corsair vengeance rgb pro. Budget of around £400 gbp. Been looking at gtx 1080. Rtx 2060 or rx5700xt. Whats the best overall. Price to performance, power usage, noise, etc. Any advice apreciated.
  3. Got it sorted. Seems i got a currupt m.2. put my skhynixx 128gb back in and did a fresh win10 install. Everything working great again.
  4. Just bought a gigabyte aorus b450 elite. Got my case fans hooked into the d rgb socket onboard. And amd wraith prism cooler. And corsair vengeance rgb pro ram. I had it all working fine, tho rgb fusion only worked for my case fans. I hve now upgraded my m.2 ftom 128gb to WD Blue 500gb m.2. Now whenever i use rgb fusion it freezes my entire system. No idea why. Tried reinstalling fusion. Then app centre. Then win10. But nothing seems to work. Any help would ve aprrciated. I was contemplating jacknetrgb software but it woukdnt register any of my argb. I know gb fusion rgb is a rubbish software b
  5. Decided on upgrading my mobo to a b450 aorus board and adata xpg spectrix d60g 2x8gb 3200mhz ram. But my only issue is my cpu, a ryzen 2300x, is not rated for 3200mhz ram. Will the ram still work correctly.
  6. Decided on upgrading my mobo to a b450 aorus board and adata xpg spectrix d60g 2x8gb 3200mhz ram. But my only issue is my cpu, a ryzen 2300x, is not rated for 3200mhz ram. Will it still work. My next purchase will eithrr be a rx5700xt or a rtx2060s.
  7. Im looking at 1080 60fps. As thats the best i can get out my benq monitor
  8. Ive got a 3tb storage drive. So looking to upgrade cpu. Gpu. Ram. And eventually mobo as ive damaged the usb3 header on mine. Budgetwise looking at bout £200 cpu. £250-£350 gpu. Will be using to play games mostly. Gtav,shadow of tge tombraider, battlefront 2, sonic forces/mania, etc. Would buy a new item every 3-4 months due to finances. Im from the UK.
  9. Im looking to upgrade my pc but not sure where to start. Money is tight so will only be able to get 1-2 parts per purchase. My build is as follows... Gamemax blackhole mid case B450 tuf gamer mobo Ryzen 3 2300x Corsair lpx 2400mhz 2x8gb Skhynix 128gb m.2 Gtx 970 4g Evga 850gq psu Any help in what to upgrade and in what order would be gratefull.
  10. I was thinking on the 3600 or 3700. And i hope to get 3200mhz corsair ram too. Just a shame i cant afford a 1080 gpu. Will i bottleneck any where on my present build or if i upgraded to the 3600
  11. I want to upgrade my build (on a tight budget) but not sure where to start. My system specs are... Asus tuf b450 pro gamer atx mobo Ryzen 3 2300x 2x 8gb corsair vengeance lpx ddr4 2400 Zotac gtx 970 Not certain which components to uograde for better oerformace. I have a 1080p 27 inch benq monitor. And suggestions woukd be gratefull. My budget is about £150ish.
  12. Im from the UK. I have a gamemax argb fan controller which uses 3 pin connectors. It has a pwm socket and aura socket. I need a 3 pin from the controller to the 4 pin mobo. I have an asus tuf b450 pro gaming atx mobo. Hopefully i have given all info needed to get the right help. Thamks all. I have already contacted the seller and manufacturer in the hope they can help too
  13. Need a single 3 pin from my fan controller to the rgb header on my mobo. The links u sent me dont ship to the UK