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Xeon e3-1246v3

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  1. I own a Xeon e3 1246v3. Nd yes there is an multiplier in the BIOS which I can increase
  2. Can I manually overclock the Rams nd then be able to run it??
  3. Hello everyone, I'm about to buy gskill 2400mhz 16gb ddr3 memory. I own an Intel DH87RL motherboard. Plz tell me will I be able to run the memory at full speed. If yes , then how do I do that? If no , then what's the Max. speed I can get, nd how to achieve that. I tried finding XMP profile in the bios but here isn't an option for that. Plzz help me. Thanks in advance.
  4. Oo cool I thought there might be some room so I can squeeze that 5mm in These brands are expensive man.... I need something more budget friendly.
  5. Do have any idea about nx 100 from Antec? Will my cooler fit in there?
  6. For tt h81 the cpu cooler clearance is 155mm... So will my hyper 212 be able to fit?
  7. These brands are expensive man.... I need something more budget friendly.
  8. Hey guys.... I have a hyper 212 led cpu cooler.... Which case should I go with so that it fits in... I'm looking for more feasible brands like Antec , bbc , chiptronix nd ant esport. Plzz help me out. Thank you?
  9. Hey guys I need Intel dh87rl latest bios bin file. If someone has it plz share. I found some online is it safe to use them?
  10. Hi guys , My configuration is Xeon e3 1246v3 DH87RL motherboard. Nd rx 480 sapphire nitro+ I don't know why my system isn't detecting the GPU , I bought a used gpu from my friend but checked it while in my friend's PC , but it not working in mine What could be the issue??
  11. Was talking about the single core performance ?
  12. Actually here in India it's too difficult to maintain a stable overclock cz the ambient temps. Are too high....
  13. According to cpubenchmark.net I don't remember where I saw the 4 core thing. But it's legit
  14. Hey, I was thinking to upgrade my xeon e3 1246v3 to ryzen 2600x but I saw that the single core benchmark for Xeon(although marginally) is better nd as far as I know most of the well optimized AAA Titles won't spread over more than 4 cores so is this upgrade really worth doing??
  15. My system specs are 1- Xeon e3 1246v3 2- Intel DH87RL motherboard 3- 8gb 1333mhz ram 4- hyper 212 led cooler