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  1. If we share the copyright material in our personal/private forum, will this cause legal issues for the forum members and the website owner? Can DMCA scan private forums?
  2. I am creating educational videos for students, so I want to add my information before sharing them
  3. I saw too many videos changing the back and rear camera while recording videos. Also, most of them are accidentally recorded videos (I said this because I guess they use an easy way to do it in a hurry). If you do too, recommend a method..
  4. How many years have you been using your laptop? Specify the model and manufacturer. If there is an old one that is not currently in use, mention it as well.
  5. Is the desktop connector port for SSD different from the laptop port connector?
  6. In some cases, WiFi card appears to be working, but there may be a problem. First, boot your laptop from a live Linux and check if the wifi card is working properly.
  7. Update the browser and try again. Or uninstall it and download the setup again and install it.
  8. Install a Transformation pack. There are lots of Transformation packs support for Windows 10. Do a Google search
  9. Yeh yeh, I know that is harmful to the battery. I am asking about motherboard, RAM, Hard drive and other hardware.
  10. ForceBindIP tutorials show it can bind with a specific adapter. Also, they show two browsers with dual ISP and dual public IPs. A lot of videos have youtube about this. I want software like this. Because ForceBindIP not working on my laptop.
  11. Whats about the ForceBindIP program? That works on many computers
  12. Don't use iso file for that. Commonly iso files are using to fresh installations of Windows. Use the update tools. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10