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  1. https://wiki.unraid.net/UnRAID_Wiki That is a good place to start. If that does not answer your questions watch a video
  2. I would recommend going back to school for it then trying to get a degree but starting out using a service like Udemy would be good as well if you do not want to go back to school. But also just getting practical experience is good as well which will make up for not having an educational background in the field.
  3. I wouldn't. If I were you I'd upgrade that psu then probably get one.
  4. Adding on to that, It only works with CORSAIR branded things like the CORSAIR ONE (There computer). So if you want to use it buy corsair stuff
  5. I mean it isn't that stupid. I like the design with the binary code at the bottom of the diamond.
  6. Could you give brand names? CORSAIR has a software called iCUE which you can turn off lights and that with
  7. Hi! I am a student in High School studying Computer Science and stuff

    1. PonyBoyZ_


      Good to know you're a cream of the crop

    2. ItsCryptic


      Yeah haha I am still learning as everyone else as is everyone else!