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  1. I have tried hdmi and its the same issue one continuous black screen. Pc is still running including gpu but nothing
  2. I know how many articles there are around the web on this and i swear i have tried all solutions and its still giving random black screens. My monitor goes DP, DP no signal if that can say anything. Its a refurbished gtx 1660 super oc aero itx from msi themself. And help would be appreciated
  3. Thank you, i really needed a 2nd opinion. Have a good day keep it easy
  4. So a mouse has killed my GTX 1650 super ventus XC and i have sent it off not a problem, i get an email today saying that they cant send the exact card but they can offer an 1660 super Aero ITX. I mean thats a free upgrade? im scared as i dont have much cooling in my Case, Rear fan and thats it. could it still be fine with my Cooling inadequacies. i want to say yes but im slightly feeling i should just wait till the same card goes back in stock so i can just have the same one knowing that is cooling will be fine Forgot to mention im hoping upgrade my pc soon to something with a 670
  5. Thanks for the advice. Hoping DDR5 is considerably better than DDR4. Thanks for the help
  6. Budget (including currency): 2000 AUD Country: South Australia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Heavy Gaming Other details. im saying it could be an upgrade because i already have a pc and think i can move some old parts to the "newer" one im slowly becoming tired of entry level parts (not saying they are bad but i want more power) another detail is that i wont be streaming at all. Current part list: Thermaltake versa H17 Ryzen 5 2600 Asus B450M-A 16gb 3200Mhz Memory radeon RX 480 Thermaltake Litepower 650W
  7. ok here is a long story. so im casually doing some midnight gaming when my pc crashes with if i remember a graphics timing error or something along those lines. i try turning it back on after that at it kept giving error codes. so i instinctively opened up the side panel and there was a dead mouse stuck in-between the case and side panel. it wasnt there earlier in the day as i cleaned it before. my pc was giving error codes non-stop no matter what i did then i discovered my gpu fans werent spinning on startup. then it started doing nothing not booting or starting up. (i personally feel as if t
  8. Hi, is anyone trying to get rid of a old Minecraft Java account i want to play with a few friends and i dont own the game nor cant pay for it within months.
  9. Ok here is probably going to be a long story, So currently as my modem i have a Telstra Smart modem gen 2 and ive been thinking to upgrading to a Tp link archer ax50, The problem is that i live way out in the outback of Australia with no cable. My average download speeds are 2mbps up to 30 (rarely for a few seconds) With 3 pc's, 2 Xboxes, 1 TV (1080p streaming off of stan) and a few other things here and there. I live with my family. Also would it even make a difference in ethernet or would that just stop lots of packet loss. If
  10. Hi, So... i am 12 currently 13 soon. does anyone know what age subway in south Australia hire at? some sources say 12 and up some say 14 and up.
  11. OK... I have my upgrade list on me atm but i have some worries. will a 650W PSU "Gold" be enough for a 5600X and 3060Ti?
  12. Hello, I have got this from an OPShop and i am wondering is this win10 compatoble with its latest updates? If not can i have an idea of where it will be