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  1. Hi, So... i am 12 currently 13 soon. does anyone know what age subway in south Australia hire at? some sources say 12 and up some say 14 and up.
  2. OK... I have my upgrade list on me atm but i have some worries. will a 650W PSU "Gold" be enough for a 5600X and 3060Ti?
  3. Hello, I have got this from an OPShop and i am wondering is this win10 compatoble with its latest updates? If not can i have an idea of where it will be
  4. i think its because my current one isnt 80+ gold
  5. thanks. i have one concern what about memory speed is that a issue?
  6. Ok so here i go, My budget is $1600 AUD Dollars Current Specs are CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 Motherboard: Asus Prime B450M-A RAM: Neo Forza Faye 3200Mhz 2x8gb GPU: MSI Ventus GTX 1650 super OC Case: Thermaltake versa H17 PSU: Thermaltake litepower 650W i dont really know. but could i fit Ryzen 5000 series and 3000 RTX or RDNA2 in this budget. Bonus info: I have a Wi-Fi card installed If this matters my pc is on a desk I don't care about lights but if its cheaper I don't mind
  7. i have got RL since release and its saying since i joined it with epic that it is corrupt and i dont want to loose anything
  8. Hey everyone i've been saving up do get a 5th gen on its release "hoping that's not ruined" and im on a strict budget my motherboard budget is as close to $100 AUD as it can get i do have a wifi card but its old and starting to become unreliable its like wifi 4 or something. May you guys help i want a 500 chipset or higher to go with the CPU. Bonus info: I will be running dual channel I dont need M.2 connectors it has to be M-ATX thats all i can think of
  9. Hey everyone who sees this, I want to upgrade to the r5 5600 and seeing that its memory sweet spot is around 4000mhz. Here is the question is it safe to oc my neo forza faye 2x8 3200 RAM kit to like 3800 or 4000 on its normal heatsink? It can save me a lot more money if i could
  10. why do you have two intel i 7 9700F? is your budget 1,351 or is it lower
  11. Ok i went and looked i found the following Ryzen 7 3800XT - Cooler Master Hyper 212 black edition Asus ROG STRIX B550-F (WIFI) G.Skill Rip Jaws V 2x8 3600Mhz CL16 Crucial P1 1TB NZXT H510 Black edition Thermal Take Toughpower GF1 650W 80+ Gold (Might actually want to increase wattage) RTX 3070 for an extra 50 have 2 Artic P12 fans