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  1. Depends on if you have a choice on getting laid off or not, if you're in a vulnerable group or not, and if you're an asshole or not. A lot of people are stepping up to the plate to help.
  2. China's NHC daily update for March 26, 2020 This is where I get my daily data for China, and apply it to the day it refers to. CSSE and others show the prior day's data for china... And the CSSE's git data still applies China's data to the day after it actually applies to. But then they've got corrupt data in that, and multiple notices of such reported on git, but the data still remains uncorrected. I had to give up using their data files. Google translate. Interestingly, the english wording sometimes changes if you drop in the whole text from above, vs by paragraph or
  3. "Did people listen to that warning." "Basically no."
  4. Global distribution of COVID-19 cases, March 26, 2020 EOD UTC just the scaled sizes
  5. A super-spreading event in India, similar to what South Korea had with that one woman
  6. Fatality Rate, China China reports show the majority of its cases Resolved. China 95.7% Resolved Hubei 95.7% Wuhan 94.2% non-Hubei 95.8% For those Resolved cases, their CFR is: China 4.23% Hubei 4.89% Wuhan 5.38% non-Hubei 0.91% The provinces other than Hubei were already seeded but had a small number of cases when they were warned about the disease, so they could take measures to contain it. Just like the rest of the world had notice when it was a mix of seeded and when/before they had a small or tiny number or no cas
  7. I do my EOD to UTC. So the U.S. and others are done their day yet, but here's the graph of Deaths. Confirmed is too variable. Testing was delayed too far and is still playing catchup, or isn't widely available yet. The bulk of deaths were occuring in the third week of the course of the disease. Deaths lag infections. This means it is expected that Deaths will be accumulating for a while before the social distancing measures start to show, due to Deaths lagging infection. The graph has straight lines showing the slopes for Deaths to Double: in 1 day, 2 days, 1 week, to 8 week
  8. I remember when they used to try and feed you a meal on a one hour hop. What a cluster-f. My first flight across the atlantic, the plane had props. And the seats facing forward faced those seats facing backwards with a tabel in between.
  9. I can't remember if I've seen this here yet.
  10. This could be rather difficult. Low frequencies can travel some distance from their source before people hear them. Like someone hating the boom of the stereo from the apartment above, but up to their door and no stereo, no boom. Offending stereo was three floors up. Given the harmonic to line mains, for safety you may want to do a walk about of your building to see where the transformer is and where the electrical line comes in. Can you detect any noise near or far from the transformer. A call to the provider may be in order. Sound travels through air e
  11. *** Wow last to the stage, already on top USA tops Italy, and China, in Confirmed and Active cases. Deaths & Recovered lag. USA 82,612 Confirmed, 79,564 Active, 1,184 Deaths, 1,864 Recovered China 82,037 Confirmed, 4,450 Active, 3,293 Deaths, 74,202 Recovered Italy 80,589 Confirmed, 62,013 Active, 8,215 Deaths, 10,361 Recovered
  12. Italy might be showing some promise. Doesn't look very encouraging with the first graph. The slope of the tangent looks encouraging in the log graph. The last four days could be interpreted as a six-day slope, maybe seven. Certainly better than its two-day slope. That's been a common theme with the researchers since shortly after January 21st. It's likely with us to stay. Be it cyclic or seasonal.