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  1. Well that's not really what I was hoping to hear. I greatly appreciate the quick reply though.
  2. So I wanted to put windows 10 on a new SSD all by itself to keep it as fast as possible. After doing so, I can't figure out how to access them from the new volume of Windows and the Xbox (Beta) app wants me to re-download all of my games. I have pretty slow internet and that would take days/ weeks. I'm somewhat of a PC novice and could really use some help. Steam/Battle.net/etc i have all been able to access on the new volume of windows, but no games off of the Microsoft Store. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. I actually did get ahold of someone at Amazon, they gave me a full refund and they don't even want the card back. Thanks for the help! I was just a little overwhelmed and annoyed with getting turned away at every turn.
  4. The only option Amazon is giving me is directing me to ASUS Support.
  5. Maybe I'm missing something, but everything I'm finding on Amazon is telling me it's too late to return it. I'll try emailing them though, I don't have much experience with building PC's or making returns on bad purchases.
  6. So you think it would be in my best interest to return it via Amazon instead of going through the RMA myself then?
  7. @Stockholmes I purchased the card on Amazon and I believe after 30 days Amazon will no longer return a product so I would have to contact the seller directly who is also ASUS. I finally got a reply and RMA number from ASUS.
  8. Everyone at ASUS that I've been able to get tells me "not my department" and directs me to thr phone number and chat that is offline. It's really frustrating, I don't think I'll ever buy an ASUS product again.
  9. Sorry for the last reply, there is only one DP port on the GPU but my second monitor is HDMI and my PC can no longer detect the second monitor through either HDMI ports at all with or without the primary monitor connected.
  10. I bought a brand new ASUS ROG STRIX 2080 Super on 01/26/2020 on Amazon, delivered a few days later. I built a PC with all new components that functioned perfectly for about a month and a half. As of 03/19/2020 I began to have minor artifacting. I updated all drivers, removed and reseated my GPU and it seemed to fix the issue, however a few days later the artifacting began again. Now the artifacting has gotten worse and is permanent. I first submitted an online RMA with ASUS as of 03/23/2020 and have yet to even receive an email. On the support page the phone line and c
  11. That's what I was afraid of. I've barely had it 2 months but it looks like I just got unlucky. Thanks for your help.
  12. It's in 1080 now but it's super blurry now and there's horizontal pink lines across the monitor. I'm not sure I can navigate to find a DDU. It doesn't represent just how blurry it is very well but I've attached a picture from my phone. Second monitor is HDMI only and I can't detect it through either HDMI port on my GPU.
  13. New PC built 2 months ago: -I7 9700k -Asus ROG Strix 2080 Super -Gigabyte Z390 UD A week ago my PC began to occasionally restart on its own. When it turned back on the main display (Omen X 25f 1080 @240hz) would be in a much lower resolution, sometimes 1024x768, sometimes 800x600. My secondary display (Samsung 1080 @ 60hz) doesn't display anything at all. I can't change the resolution at all and it won't detect the second monitor. I updated drivers and it seemed fine for a couple days but now the problem happens more frequently. All components are brand new.
  14. @xAcid9 Also, that song is actually pretty catchy haha