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  1. I recently was given these antique Elliott Minilogs as my Grandfather found them and did not want them any more. I believe that they are some sort of logic gates for old computers but I could not find out much about them. Also, does anyone know what their value is as I thought about selling them on Ebay but decided against it just in case they were valuable or rare.







  2. 19 minutes ago, StrikerX1360 said:

    The case I picked only allows for two 120mm fans up top, which I have already installed. Also the case can't support much larger of a cooler which is why I bought the NH-L9i and didn't use the stock Wraith Prism

    I assume you have already, but have you checked that the thermal paste application and seating of the cooler is correct. Also, does the top of the case where the 120mm fans are have aio support - although that could restrict airflow to the rest of the case.