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  1. Yeah, I see tons of issues about it but every time the vscode bot keeps closing the posts before someone can even respond......lol
  2. Hello there, I've bought a couple of weeks ago a MX Master 3 to replace my old MX Master. I do programming most of the time and I use Visual Studio and VS Code most of the time. I have a problem using the horizontal scroll wheel to navigate my code, even tho the option is enabled in both programs. In the Logitech Options configuration I've assigned horizontal scroll to the wheel but it doesn't seems to work. I'm not the only one with this problem in the VS community and no "clear" solution was given by the vscode team on github. It seems that there is a
  3. Yeah agree, unless you open it up you can't tell much. You can compare your friend machine internals with these instructions from iFixit.
  4. To me it seems a problem with the backlight system of the monitor itself. I had the same issue and thought that I can repair it (I'm pretty involved into the repair scene in my area) but after sometime I decided that it was better for my sanity to just buy a new one. The cause can also be in the power supply. Sometimes an external cause to the display (noisy powerline and such) can cause, over time, problems in the psu itself and mess up the circuitry inside. In this case it's that or the driver board that is messing up.
  5. Got it yesterday evening. Installed and works well. I've run a couple of tests with the System Diagnostics (the bios one), Windows memory check and MemTest64. All passed Final config, so that if anyone has the same config can verify that this could work for them as well: Model: Hp Pavilion cs-3045nl CPU: i7-1065G7 (stock) RAM 32gb ddr4-2666 HyperX Impact (kit 2x16gb) Video: MX250 (2gb variant) Disks: Samsung SSD 970 EVO 1TB Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB OS: W10 Pro
  6. Update: went with a 32gb kit (HyperX Impact HX426S15IB2K2/32)..... seems stable and no strange BSOD like other users reported on the hp support website. Pretty happy with the upgrade
  7. I'll give it a try(the crucial one)....I can always turn it back and get the samsung one.... Thanks for the help man
  8. ...40€ difference is very strange tho. Both sold and shipped by amazon.
  9. Yeah, the 16gb from samsung costs like 103€ and the crucial one 63€......
  10. And it's dual rank, the same as my 16gb from samsung. And same timing cl19 Samsung stick: Crucial stick specs:
  11. I've just found a crucial made 16gb stick (CT16G4SFD8266) for the same price of an 8gb from samsung......thoughts?
  12. Hello there, I was locking for a ram upgrade for my hp Pavilion. It shipped with a single ddr4-2666 16gb stick, even tho the mobo has 2 slots. I was looking for a matching dimm (Part n. M471A2K43CB1-CTD) but in my local stores and even amazon the prices are crazy......~110€ (Italy). I was thinking that maybe I could put a 4/8gb stick with same speed and timing (cl19) and call it a day for now... I know that mismatched ram are "bad" and I tried to avoid it since I remember being in the pc scene but for this time I really need a little upgrade. The candidates are: M4
  13. Well yes and no, let me explain. I've got an Hp Pavilion with a mx250 (2gb) and installed rtx voice as for the non rtx cards. The app runs, obviously not so well. I've recorded a test with a cherry blue keyboard in the background. It works but with so much inconsistency that my classes grades compared are a nobel prize. After all the trouble to get it to work my pc started to blue screen all over the place and I've found that the cause was the service that rtx voice creates. I needed to download windows "Autoruns" to disable it. At the end if you want to try it out you can, but after that I su
  14. Got it, what can I use to verify if the system is stable? Also, do you undervolt the iGPU also? I've the MX250 but it's used only when doing "heavy" stuff so most of the time the iGPU is the one used.
  15. Hello there, I recentely bought an HP Pavilion with the new i7-1065G7 cpu and I was wondering if and how I can undervolt it. I've read somewhere that the XTU doesn't work with the new ice lake processors. Any suggestions?