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  1. https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16817151192 That seasonic came out in 2019. Is there also a 2019 version of the Antec HCP platinum80? I wrote it wrong above, local store has the seasonic for $95, but the Antec is sold on eBay for $119. The UPC of the product on his eBay page is 761345239103. Not sure if that can help knowing it's a 2019 version and not a old version? And based on my needs, should I be getting something else? Or go single rail instead (like the seasonic)? What I hope the most is to see less wattage usage of my pc, since I really be
  2. Hello, With a wattage device, my pc pulls 150watts while browsing internet and around 400watts when playing a game at 144fps. I have a 3700x CPU with a 1080ti GPU. I currently have a silent pro CM bronze80 1000w power supply which is 7-8 years old which I believe the efficiency isn't the same as it was when I bought it, and I was wondering if buying the Antec HCP platinum80 850w power supply (ranked S tier) will be a smart choice as in better efficiency and maybe pull less wattage? Local store has it for $119, they also have a seasonic focus px platinum80 650w (ranked