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  1. I used DDU to wipe my Nvidia graphics drivers and just reinstalled them from the main site. Thanks so much!
  2. What's DDU? Also I don't know where to reinstall them from the Dell site...
  3. So about a week ago I had an issue with my laptop (Dell G3 3590) where my graphics driver would not work. I reinstalled it from the Nvidia site (GeForce GTX 1060 Ti) and everything went back to normal. Today, while playing some Destiny 2 I encounter the error code: Chive, which on the bungie.net website means that there is an issue with the graphics driver. Not in the mood to reinstall it all over again, I just restart my laptop to see if that fixes the issue. It doesn't. As I try to open the Nvidia Control Panel it won't open because "An Nvidia graphics card was not detected in your system."
  4. I'm getting a bit worried now. The restart hasn't worked, DriverEasy did nothing, GeForce Experience download didn't do anything... I'm trying to download from the site but I'm having some connection issues.
  5. I finished the download from GeForce Experience, but nothing has changed. I still cannot launch the Nvidia Control Panel and I can't see anything new in Device Manager.
  6. And after that my Laptop should work as normal?
  7. So yesterday I hop onto Destiny 2 and I get a notification that the app will not launch because there is something wrong with my graphics. I go to bungie.net and look up the error code "chive". One of the suggestions that the site gives is to reinstall graphics drivers. (Screenshot below) I go to bungie.net and one of the tips the site gives is to reinstall your graphics drivers. I google how to reinstall graphics drivers, and I go to this site, which explains how to uninstall it and that windows should automatically reinstall it upon reboot. I uninstall the graphics card and I re
  8. So the gaming laptop I have been using since early December has been the Dell G3 15 from 2019. I've been very satisfied with it so far; I can run Destiny 2 very smoothly with max settings, and play League with 150+ FPS. But for some strange reason it has trouble running Path of Exile, a pretty small and easy game that non gaming laptops should be able to run very smoothly. I've tried enabling high performance mode but that doesn't fix the issue. The game's settings aren't even maxed out. Any ideas why this might be occurring? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the advice, it's a shame I'm going to have to start the download all over again :'0
  10. So my main hard drive on my PC is full, and I want to download Destiny 2, but whenever I try it says "not enough disc space". I am currently moving my steamapps folder to the second hard drive, and I have added a Steam Library Folder to the second hard drive. How do I make Destiny 2 download to the second drive?
  11. Both laptops have decent specs, but when choosing a gaming laptop you're always sacrificing one thing or another. I'm currently using a new Dell G3 15 (https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/gaming-and-games/dell-g3-15-gaming-laptop/spd/g-series-15-3590-laptop/gn3590dovbs) with decent overall specs but very poor battery life. Personally I think ROG laptops are overpriced, but I might be completely wrong. I have a friend who uses an ROG laptop in a much higher price class that I game with pretty often. My Dell G3 kept up with him in performance fairly easily, with a slightly worse display but that's a
  12. Yeah, I realized that after I did some research. Dumb of me. But will I have to reinstall my games is what I'm worried about.
  13. So I was running out of space on my system, and I copied all my steam data and games to my second hard drive. When I deleted all that data from the original drive I realized that some items had not been copied. I tried launching Warframe but of course it didn't. Before my mistake I was downloading Destiny 2. I was 67/83GBs complete. All my games are still on my desktop and I am currently reinstalling Steam. Will all my download progress from Destiny 2 be lost? And will I have to reinstall all my games?