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  1. I have a decent budget pc, r3 3200g with gtx 1660 super 16 gb 3200ghz pretty sure i can run it
  2. I got fable 1 for pc and when I open up a new save the game just shuts off. Please help?
  3. I recently got a gamestop gift card, i used it to purchase a digital game for steam, the code does not work. Is there any way to get a proper code that works. :(
  4. When i watch youtube videos it's pretty quiet so i use a 6 times audio amplifier, my discord audio however is so quiet i can't hear people in calls for uploaded videos. VLC media player audio is not affected whatsoever. Please help me.
  5. i solved part of the issue, my boot drive was low on disk space so i'm pretty sure badlion client deleted my world to free some up. Is it possible to retrieve it, i've been stressed the whole day trying to get it back.
  6. please someone respond i don't know what happened and i want my minecraft world back
  7. i have a minecraft world in 1.16.1 using badlion client, i didn't delete the world nor can anyone else (no one else uses my computer) if there is another way to retrieve the world please tell me
  8. I'm downloading data pack recommendations on youtube but when a new tab is created for the link, the new tab closes what is going on and how do i fix it?
  9. update 2: i can use the motherboards audio but i still kinda want to use the front audio ports so i can listen further
  10. update: the audio now only works when its pushed in a certain angle, i feel like if i let this happen and keep pushing it in that angle just to listen to things it will damage my system
  11. i just got a new headset, i started to not hear things from my pc, so i changed headsets, nothing. i cant hear anything from yt videos, minecraft, nothing. i assume it has something to do with the pc itself, not any of my audio devices
  12. so i have those cheapo iphone vr headsets, can i stream vr games to that device so i can play a vr game without getting a $400+ headset?