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  1. Yo guys Zowie xl2540 240hz Razer Nzxt Case msi geforce gtx 1080 founders edition i6-6600k asus z170 pro aura
  2. Yo guys i'm currently trying to sell my pc. How much do you guys think I can get for it I have the following list of pc parts: asus z170 pro gaming aura corsair vengeance lpx red ddr4 3200mhz (8x2) 16gb corsair cx750m 750w 80+ corsair h80i v2 cpu køler msi geforce gtx 1080 founders edition intel core i5-6600k samsung ss 850 evo 512gb razer nzxt edition mid tower
  3. Yo guys, so I have just around 6000$ to make an awesome gaming setup/room makeover A list of what I really want: 3x monitors (mounted) Gaming gear Gaming pc Tv Table Gaming Chair Can you guys find the things I need, would be appreciated