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  1. looking at 200-300 but if I stretch it and make other sacrifices I can go up to 400, but kinda on the fence about spending that much, single parent of two girls so that much is hitting kinda hard on my tight budget.
  2. I'm currently looking to upgrade my gpu and not sure what to go for, I've got mixed messages from friends and video's on youtube. I like to stream my games on twitch here and there and I mainly play WoW and Destiny 2 and Diablo 3, Elderscrolls online at some point lol so my question is, at 1080p gaming what card to upgrade to from my old sapphire nitro + rx 580? EDIT= I'm looking for around 200-300 but can go up to 400 but that's pushing my budget to it's absolute max, but was just told that if I'm streaming on twitch I want an nvidia card?? pc= windows 10 ryzen 5 2600