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  1. https://www.cgdirector.com/best-computer-for-graphic-design/
  2. Is there a particular reason you don't want to just re-install? But no, Win 10/8 keys cannot be used to activate Win 7. I'd recommend a clean install.
  3. I guess so, I wonder what 1440p heights I could reach. I'm only a casual gamer, so until I inevitably catch the bug I'm sure a nice balance of 1440p60 would be nice until I want/can afford to upgrade. How do you resist to open it lol. Would anybody take the discounted RTX 2060 KO over the 5600 XT just out of interest?
  4. Probably not any time soon mate. I don't have any particular affection for either form factor, I guess just go for the pro-vdh and save £20.. This is my monitor
  5. Why not? I don't see the point in having functionality I don't use
  6. I certainly could! Obviously with the recent release of the 5600 XT this was on the list, seems to hold up well in reviews as well. I notice you change the motherboard there, is there any difference between the two really? (Apart from £20!) I'd prefer the peace of mind of a warranty, I know my luck! Don't require Nvidia, no so I think at this point I'm looking at the 5600 XT then. Yeah one thing about that, I do have a 4k monitor but I don't really need it, I rarely ever watch anything in 4k and don't do any editing in it. Do you think I'd be better off selling and getting a 1
  7. Right, my use-case has changed constantly over the last couple of months (it actually hasn't, but new shit comes out and I see pretty pictures on here and think "ah fuck it go on then" - and now I've lost sight of what I actually need). What I actually need it for, is video recording with a 1080p60 webcam and editing afterwards using Sony Vegas. I record audio via USB interfaces into Ableton simultaneously. Vegas is more GPU intensive than CPU, Ableton obviously more CPU - Most apps I use prefer higher clock speeds. From a gaming perspective, I want to be able to play 1080p60 on at