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  1. So I recently brought a new HP Pavillion Gaming Laptop , and I was installing GTA 5 , and when it was unpacking the files , the CPU went into heavy load and the system shutdown , the following was displayed on the screen , the system is runs only if the CPU is not given heavy load z I want to know wat the problem is , I got it checked at a center and they said the HDD is getting disconnected when the CPU goes on load .
  2. it supports both NVMe and SATA
  3. looking that its a really good upgrade option , it being WiFi 6 , how would i know if it will support my laptop ?
  4. Those cost like $300 USD , its literally twice the price i can buy right now !
  5. So i have a Intel® Wireless-AC 9560 on my laptop , yeah i know it not that great , someone help me buy a really good budget WiFi Card please I don't really have much idea on network cards , and i really do wanna know if i can upgrade that , to my knowledge i know i can buy a better one and replace it and just install the necessary drivers and rock on , is it that simple ?
  6. Yeah so i own a Samsung MZNLH512HALU-00000/07 SATA M.2 Specs Link : https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/ssd/client-ssd/MZNLH512HALU-00000-07/ Its not that great but get the job done for now , i want to upgrade to a faster one ( probably a nvme one ) Can anyone suggest me the best budget M.2 of 512GB/1TB for $120 USD or less , thanks in advance
  7. What did u do bout the weight balance ?
  8. So I need a new mouse and i was goin for either the Logitech G305 / 304 , which should I buy seeing that both are the same specs wise but the 304 is much cheaper ?
  9. I checked out both the X412 and X512 , really great specs , but unfortunately both are out of stock in India , i think i might go with the MI notebook horizon edition which has MX350 GPU . but if any of these become available in the next week i will surely buy either one as there will a sale upcoming .
  10. i did check , on the mi store only it is given that storage is upgradable and i did see a teardown where the m.2 was shown , but the RAM is soldered but i got a suggestion that it is upgradable , so I have to upgrade after my warranty expires after 1 year , also the MX250 beats the Vega 8 in every benchmark , so i guess my choice is the MI book
  11. hmm i will check out the huaewi ones, i actually was settled for the Mi Notebook because of the GPU , coz that's enough for me , also i will upgrade the RAM to 16GB and SSD to a NVMe 2TB one , that was my plan , in that way it would run for atleast 5 years
  12. yes , one last thing finalization , Lenovo Ideapad s145 with Ryzen 5 3500, Vega 8 GPU, 8GB RAM max=12gb , 512GB SSD , 15inch , VS Mi NoteBook 14 with i5 1021U, MX250 GPU, 8GB RAM max , 512GB SATA SSD M.2 which would you go with ?