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  1. Well I guess so. Strangely, when I'm lucky, I can have a gaming session of up to an hour without any problems. But for the last two days, it caused more pain than game...
  2. Hi everyone, System specs: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X with PBO enabled MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk WIFI 16GB GSkill Trident Z 3200MHz MSI RTX 2070 Super Gaming X 1TB Samsung SSD I am having an issue where my screens turn black all of a sudden and the fans of the GPU start spinning at max speed. I can still hear sound coming from the speaker, for example.people talking in discord. I can also hear the game crashing in the background, with the windows error sound. This means that the PC is still running, even though I have completely no video-
  3. Could it be a PSU issue? I was trying yesterday, and all of a sudden the PC wouldn't boot at all. There was not any sign of life. I used a different power cable and 5 minutes later the PC booted again. I still don't understand why it did work with the Vega, since the Vega used over 170 watts showed in Afterburner. The 2070s isn't using much more power, right? I will be trying a different model this afternoon, to see if it makes a difference. The PC does boot with CPU voltage set to 1.36v and 4.4 GHz. The PSU is an old Antec model, approximately from
  4. I already used DDU, I uninstalled both and and Nvidia drivers, then used a different pc to download older drivers and installed them, still no difference.
  5. When I put back in the old graphics card, the system doesn't recognize it and uses the integrated Intel graphics.
  6. Hello everyone, System specs: i5 8600K 16GB GSKILL Trident Z 3200Mhz MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon 750 Watt PSU Corsair H115i liquid cooler Asus Xonar Phoebus soundcard Samsung 860 EVO 1TB I have recently bought myself a new GPU, an MSI RTX 2070 Super Gaming X. This replaced my old MSI Vega 56. I've been running an OC on my CPU for over a year now, being completely stable. i5 8600K @ 5.0 Ghz with 1.320v However, after I installed my new RTX card, the system won't post anymore. The 'EZ DBUG LED' remains lit