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  1. Thanks. My main thing is more usb ports (gen 2 and 3.1) since I have a lot of peripherals that use them up. I have an m.2 that I use for boot drive and 3 different SSDs for gaming along with an older HDD for data storage. It looks like the Tomahawk can support all of those.
  2. If I do decide to overclock what would be a good board? Since I will be getting a new motherboard and chip now, I will be using the AIO cooler so could play around with an overclock. I was looking at the ROG Strix B450. Is that a good option? I'm guessing I'll also probably need a new power supply as I currently only have the 500watt power supply that came from my HP Omen.
  3. I figured out what was wrong. The socket had bent pins so basically the motherboard is dead. I guess I must have bumped it against something in the transfer over. Time for a new motherboard I guess. Now to decide if I should sell the i7-7700 and upgrade to a 3600 or just keep it and get another Z270 board. Any thoughts?
  4. Thanks for the replies all. When I first tried to turn on it would make turn on then immediately off. After resetting the BIOS by taking out the battery, it seemed to fix that, but I now get those beeps and it won't boot to BIOS. I've remounted the ram at least a half a dozen times, so maybe I'll look at the cpu cooler and see if that's what's causing it. I did mount it correctly after applying the thermal paste and plugged the fan into the cpu fan slot, but I would think it would still boot even if the cooler is not properly attached no? It would just get really hot really quick b
  5. Hi all, So I have an HP Omen 870-244 (i7-7700 Kaby Lake, GTX1070) and I recently wanted to upgrade a few components for some light gaming (GTA V, EVE, Destiny 2, and maybe some Star Citizen). I bought a new case (Antec NX1000) and CoolerMaster MasterLiquid 240 AIO because I noticed lately that while gaming every now and then the system would overheat. I transferred everything over to the new case, and when I tried to mount the AIO, it epically failed. (The cpu bracket holder is also mounted to the backplate that the cooler would have to replace, but has no a