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  1. if the budget doesn't matter you can try the r9 3950x. you will need a x570 mobo but that is easy to choose
  2. Its all conected and spinning
  3. the fan spinss and all the hardware is conected
  4. Its all conected and the fan is spinning
  5. Hello, im building a pc ryzen 7 3700x Asus x470 prime pro amd 5700 and it wont boot everything seems to work no errors or things there is just no display all components seem to work.
  6. Alright when i get home i will try to reinsert the usb header.
  7. hello, i bought the masterbox 511 rgb today and i noticed only 1 usb port on the front works, any solutions? when i plugin for example a usb drive the led in the usb drive lights up for maybe 2-3 sec and then just turns off and doesn't get detected. its not only the drive that doesn't work nothing works via that usb port i've tried via the other port and that works fine.
  8. It works like a charm now thanks for the help!
  9. it seems to fit in alright now will give a update if it works
  10. Hi, i recently bought a msi b450 mortar max and a ryzen 5 3600 but the cpu doesn't seem to fit in the socket very well the one side goes in fine but the otherside sticks out. any help is welcome i helped my friend build his computer with the same cpu and the msi b450 tomahawk max there the cpu went in perfectly fine.