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  1. Those are pretty overpowered for my planned usage and aren't made for a mobile experience (those are desktop cpu). The size in this case is also important. Yeah I believe that phone performance is my goal, I find them powerful enough for my use and do not need a really large battery. I guess that the datasheet for those parts won't be find online? This is a problem, an expected one but still a large one... But smaller, with a motherboard of the size of a phone. That you could swap in any other device (that I obviously made) like a swappable laptops' battery.
  2. Yeah, I got a bit inspired by it. Except that I want mine to be connected to a completely custom "chassis" which will not necessary contains a windows operating system, having the ability to even put a battery in it (those nuc computer cannot be run on them for a long) Sure the problems are the parts... I believe that mobile processors (like snapdragon) are the best I can get (there's even a development kit available), but I really do not have any idea for ram and storage. Saw it just a hour ago and this is the closest I could find. Just that I want to have something
  3. Hey, I am a programmer and got a pretty nice idea today which I would like to have done if this is possible. I thought of having a really small component containing cpu/ram/ssd soldered like in a laptop, that you will be able to plug in the "peripheral" part which contains the screen/mouse/buttons/others. Basically this is a mini pc that you can plug everywhere, so you could have a device small as a phone, a tablet or a tv and still get the same storage. Like I said I am a programmer so I should be able to manage the software part even if I had to make my own OS, b