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  1. I just wanted to second Clonezilla, especially if you're cloning a Linux disk, though It requires creating a live OS and is a bit more involved. I had problems with the boot loader and had to manually resize the target partition after the fact. If on Windows with a Samsung drive, I found Samsung's free "Data Migration" tool to work quite well with simple push of a button. I thought it was pretty remarkable that it could run from the source disk.
  2. Having compared the results to reviews online, they seem off except for the sequential 1M. Are these results expected for an EVO 970 Plus (1TB)? 39 for the RND4K read looks quite low...
  3. Clicked on this thinking OP meant retro hardware ... I just maxed out my first build for giggles - Athlon XP 3200, 3GB RAM on an ASUS A7N8X-E.... was looking at a Radeon 3850 AGP and was shocked by the going prices... $150-200 USD. ... Guess GPUs really are in short supply LOL
  4. FWIW I resized the source partition which allowed me to successfully clone the drive. However the GRUB loader is now giving me issues ...
  5. I was wondering the same actually ... I have one on my main system, and a pcie adapter that came with an aluminum heat sink. I was wondering if I should peal the Samsung label off and apply the heat sink.
  6. Trying to clone a 320GB hard drive (***that is only 100GB full***) onto a 120GB SSD using Clonezilla under Linux. Received an error that the source disk is larger than the destination --- Yes the disk is, but not the data actually on it. How do I get around this? Do I need to resize the partition on the 320GB drive to be <120GB? Any other way to do this... some special settings voodoo or different software? Thanks!!
  7. How is a 6 core CPU topping 4.1 Ghz a weakpoint?
  8. Thanks @Radium_Angel I actually have 1 of these CPUs in a Chinese X79 motherboard. I bought it on a long shot and, honestly, I was very pleasantly surprised. Lots of PCI express slots, 6 SATA ports (only 2 are 3.0 ....) and popped in 64GB of that inexpensive ECC RAM and and EVO 970 SSD and ... well, I am quite happy minus the GPU performance (1060 on one and a strange mix of Quadro and Tesla on the other). Really appreciate the reply and the YT recommendations!
  9. I am more curious how you came to this conclusion. For me, and it varies by application or game, I simply noticed relatively low CPU utilization (in optimized games), which I interpret to mean the CPUs still have some life in them. I do wonder about any new or special instruction sets or capabilities I might be missing out on though. Also, I do a lot of video and CG rendering and wonder how that might impact things - that said, both pieces of software (DaVinci and Blender) use GPU compute.
  10. What GPUs could I pair with these CPUs and not bottleneck them too badly? That is, I'm technically OK 'bottlenecking' them some, but not to an extent that the upgrade is no longer a good value. I.e. would pairing them with a 3060 be reasonable, or would I be better off with a used 2060 and more modern Ryzen CPU (of course, then I'd need to factor in a new motherboard and RAM - currently have 64GB in these system)? Also, it looks like I can overclock the 1620 to around 4Ghz... Thanks,
  11. Anyone have any experience overclocking Tesla cards?
  12. Oo! That Delta fan is perfect! Looks like a finger chopper! I suppose the other thing I could try is designing an adapter to accommodate 2 fans side by side. as I understand it to double the performance I would need to double the pressure which would actually call for four fans... But that is overkill. Anyway, this should work as I'd rather not remove the shroud given the design of my chassis (would rather it exhaust out like a reference card), also it looks rather neat and nerdy. Thanks!
  13. I've got a couple Tesla K40m and K20x cards that I want to use for 3D rendering (Blender). I have them both working alongside a Quadro to drive a monitor and find they actually render pretty well. The issue is they have no active cooling/fan as they are designed for rackmount server. I 3D printed a custom fan mount and attached a 60mm noctua fan on one end to blow air through the card, however, after a few minutes testing I reached 77C and climbing steadily before calling it off. Anyone have any experience "Macgyvering" cooling solutions for strange GPUs? Short of that, anyone recommend a fas