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  1. I know this is a bit late but this happens to me too. We have the same version of Windows. It happened after I disconnected the charger.
  2. I've got this problem where I'm charging my laptop, after I disconnect the charger, it showed "Your PC Ran Into a Problem and Needs to Restart", I'm running Windows 10 Home. Any ideas on why is this happening? It seems ok after the restart but this thing bothers me.
  3. Well that sucks, try going into bios and see if you have the update option
  4. This may help https://www.maketecheasier.com/how-to-reset-cmos-and-why/
  5. You should try CMOS reset 1) Unplug power supply 2) remove motherboard battery 3) put jumper pins or push switch on motherboard to clear the capacitors 4) remove jumper pins then install the battery 5) plug in power supply
  6. Idk yet, I'm in college, but I already know things to do in public, voting, tax paying, etc. The thing I know is finishing a degree will make things a little bit easier, well that's the case here in my country, I'm a graduating student btw, and from what I've seen so far, true learning will start after you graduate. Studying is just a milestone to achieve better heights. Bear with it, life is not easy. I learned more things through searching in internet and going with friends outside while having an average grade. The best thing I learned from school is how to read and write. That's it.
  7. I will feel sad if he retires, but if it's his decision and that's what he wants, I'll respect it. I've learned so much things from this guy and he is unique. From what I mean by unique, you already know, drops stuff but that's the reason why he is so interesting to watch. The sponsors too. I swear @LinusTech people will respect the decision that you will make in the future.
  8. Did you try it already? What happened?
  9. Well, I'm a fan. He's the reason why I learned how to build a PC. He is the first one I watched when I saw him in the recommended section of YT.
  10. Now I see the reason why the fan immediately stopped spinning when the CPU load went down (after I stopped), I was shocked when I saw the temps spiked at 100°c above. I'm monitoring my temps at that time so I know the exact numbers. I will try running Prime95 again after a little bit more of research but I always see from other threads and posts that there are times that BSOD shows if a single component exceeded the max temp limit. If that's the case, I think my hunch is right, nevermind me I'm just guessing. Anyways, for some reason I have a doubt about it having too much undervolt since it c
  11. Earlier this day, I undervolted my CPU. I was pretty sure that it's stable since Prime95 didn't show any errors and everything passed, CPU is maxed at 75°c. Now, the thing is, when I stopped prime95, the moment I clicked stopped at Prime95, I heard the fan stopped spinning then I just felt something so hot in my laptop for a few seconds, let's say around five seconds. Then the BSOD showed. I just restarted the Laptop, then it showed me a message to go to BIOS, I just skipped BIOS and just clicked discard w/o saving anything. Then my Laptop started without errors. So, is there something that I
  12. I've been having this dilemma on which to choose. I haven't seen any answers from any forum so I posted it here. Should I stress test while charging or should I stress test on battery? I'm undervolting my laptop in case you wanna ask.