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  1. Try googling some of the numbers on the back of the card, that's how I identified my older cards.
  2. On my monitor (165 hz, 1440p, g-sync, ips, 27 inch), I hate motion blur. It makes my games look like a muddy mess, I can't see stuff clearly when panning in shooter games. I don't use it.
  3. Honestly, trying to use a computer with such low end and old specs is not worth it, if it worked it would barley run. Chances the CPU is too old for Windows 10, hence the error message. TLRD Don't bother, it's too old
  4. Definitely wait for a 3080, your 1060 can be used for a month or two before 3080s are more available.
  5. As far as I can see, your CPU is powerful enough to upgrade to a more powerful GPU without being bottlenecked, something like a RTX 3080 will be great. For now just upgrade your GPU.
  6. Haven't heard of it, but you should expect one from a high end card.
  7. Overall I recommend a 3rd part card. They are faster, more quite and nicer looking, as well and not chocking your CPU cooler if you use a air cooler.
  8. He was asking which model not what card.
  9. The CPU literally does not support PCI-E gen 4, I believe, correct me if I am wrong.
  10. Yea but the performance will be bottlenecked by the bandwidth of PCI-E gen 3
  11. Don't get a Intel CPU because none of them at the moment support PCI-E gen 4, which would bottlecap the new PCI-E gen 4 3000 series cards, as well as the other benefits like 7nm. Maybe get something along the lines of a 3700X.
  12. If it is 300 USD then that is a MASSIVE ripoff, the 3070 is 499 USD for contrast...
  13. https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Gaming-Headsets/Stereo-Headsets/HS60/p/CA-9011173-NA Fits in budget and has most of the requirements you like.
  14. What are some good true wireless ear buds for around $60 Australian (40 USD). So far I am looking at https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/jam-live-loud-in-ear-true-wireless-earbuds from that store in my city (It is probably Australian pricing if you click on the link out of Australia). Thanks alot