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  1. I got a new power supply and the gpu for sure is dead, stupid idea buying a card second hand like that.
  2. Now that I think about it, no wonder why my power supply might be failing.
  3. I’ll give it a shot though the pc is not booting at all
  4. I’m rewriting this as a different post since I was so awful describing the issue last time. My Pc is having issues where it wouldn’t start no matter how much I try to restart pc, or reseat the card, or put in the power cable to the card. The fans for the graphics card would either start really loudly and then stop or quietly then stop. I don’t know weather If the card is dead or my psu is failing on me. When the card was booting It was having issues where when I play a game the graphics card fan gets really loud and stop showing signal on the monitor. I would have to do a hard res
  5. That’s I run every game like that
  6. Think it was like 50 or so idle and I think like 70 when I was playing csgo or furmark
  7. Psu is a 550watt bronze from insignia msi rx580 Underclocking helped be more stable when I was playing halo 2, but even then It’ll crash an hour or so in. I got artifacts 3 or 4 times booting it up when it but then it’ll crash soon after. Though then when I restart the card and when was still booting and and I never got them anywhere else.
  8. Rx580 i3910f 16gb of working ram (I tested it) 1tb
  9. The fans seem to cycle through running at full speed for a little and stop or starting quietly and then stop when I boot it up.The gpu used to just crash during games for a while and I used to underclock it a lot, is this a power supply issue or is my graphics card dying on me?