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  1. 1 - I researched all of these products since Christmas before choosing them over others. I watched videos and read reviews. I made this choice being as best informed as I could be. 2 - I did not expect a full refund and was prepared to resell my Open Box Used Item on ebay So lets discuss the e-retailer environment that Corsair chose to be a part of. In this environment if your choosing to sell physical products which are used daily by someone and which then have a "Personal Comfort" factor associated with the purchase choice then its good to have some type of return po
  2. I wanted to share a recent experience with the community. About 3 weeks ago I took the leap and went full RGB with Corsair picking up their K95 Keyboard, Dark Pro SE Mouse, RGB Mousepad and even the headset stand. It all started with a 10% off coupon I got from them by signing up for their txt marketing. I mean, I get the unwanted trash txt marketing from other people, why not get 10% off for getting stuff I would actually like to know from Corsair. Con - Ordering The ordering experience was bloody awful but.... it is hard for any company right now, especial
  3. So.... I hope this is a no Judgement zone but my current display setup has 1 75in 4k display and 2 43in 4k displays hooked up to a 2070 Super and a 3900x. It works almost flawlessly (nothing is ever perfect). My evolution of my setup will include expanding my display arrangement to include 3 more displays which will push me beyond the current connections on my 2070 Super. Does anyone have a recommendation on where to start for the best way to hook up 6 displays to my pc?
  4. Downloading the LG TV app for my phone worked. Its not perfect but its definitely a 9 our of 10 solution for this issue. I can now choose each tv and control one at a time without interfering with the others in the room.
  5. I have three LG Flat Screens in the same room and all three use the LG Magic Remote Control. Whenever I try to use the remote it tries to control all three Flat Screens at the same time. Is there a way to make each of my three remotes control each individual Flat Screen? I tried a basic search but did not find anything. I hope that someone can point me in the right direction and give me a tip on which direction to search for more information.
  6. So here is what I have so far. On the left is the setting from RC and on the right of the equal sign is what I believe is the setting in the BIOS. I have left twoentries in bold because I can not figure them out. I think i did the rest of them correctly but please let me know if I did not. I have included a bunch of photos of the bios. tCL = tCL? tRCDWR = tRCDWR? tRCDRD = tCDRD? tRP = tRP? tRAS = tRAS? tRC = tRC? tRRDS = tRRD_S? tRRDL = tRRD_L? tFAW = tFAW? tWTRS = tWTR_S? tWTRL = tWTR_L? tWR = tWR? tRDRD SCL = tRDRDSC_L?
  7. This is my first time overclocking or fine tuning ram. So far I understand that hittimg the XMP button does not really do anything as far as performance goes. So it sounds like I need to go it and manually tune in the settings. I have learned how to indentify my RAM and then how to use Ryzen Calculator to get the settings I should use to achieve the desired OC. There are differences between RC (Ryzen Calculator) and the MSI Bios on the Unify board. I wanted to know if anyone could point me in the direction of the answers. I included a screenshot of RC but the onlyway I
  8. Hi there my friend. So this was interesting to look at with your benchmarks. I also just completed a 3900x build with 32gb and ram but am getting a stock Cenibench20 score between 7200 and 7400 depending on how I setup the heatsink. Honestly the only notable difference in our componet list is the GPU where I went with a 2070super. But Cinebench does not appear to pull any load from the GPU when I run the score. I wonder why you are 200 points lower? I will say that I do run a Nactua NH-D15 heatsink instead of the stock AMD. I also have casefans and am running a ton of different fan configurati
  9. I agree with you that something needs to be done in that area. I was talking to JMMods about cutting me about four SSD covers with the name of the system spelled out as: FROZEN IN THE BLIZZARD Then have some snow flakes on some SSD coverse on the back side. All of them lit up. That way when I complete the cable management it will be a complete 360 degree presentation. The amount of cables is.... high. Between now and then I am tweaking the system. I have it overclocked at 4400/1.42v with no crashs after running for an hour. The Graphics card i
  10. Frozen In The Blizzard Snow White Color Theme & Massive Air Flow "When I was young we didn't have it good like you kids today with you're giga this and peta that. We had kilas and if you were willing to walk in the snow you could fight that blizzard outside and invest a weeks pay in a single megabyte of ram! Bah! Air Flow you say? Stop being weak you little snott! I didn't need any Air Flow for my 386 but if you really want some Air Flow just give me a moment, Grand Pa had some beans for lunch earlier today, you're about to get some Air Flow soon you whipper snapper."
  11. I have enjoyed working on and building my own computers for my entire life but this will be the first time that I really share it with anyone outside of my circle of friends. I found this forum and am really pulled to the idea of sharing this experience with others who might enjoy the story I am about to tell. I bounced between a few ideas for how to theme this build and when I began I was going to try to go with an All White build. I found this to be a challenge due to the limited supply of PC parts. I was also going to go with some really cool RGB builds and found this to be frus