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  1. I want to buy this used phone from a reputable seller, but white letters on startup don't exactly look white, and also the bottom left part of white display is pink. Is this normal or is it a faulty display? Could the camera be causing it? Please help. https://ibb.co/j8KV6nB https://ibb.co/zfYX7tx
  2. So i got ryzen 5 2600,gigabyte b450m ds3h and 8 gigs of ram (ssd and gpu are from old pc). When i try to boot from usb i get this error: https://ibb.co/fnDVrh0 Its 100% a bootable usb, and I changed priority in bios. Please help.
  3. So i upgraded my gtx 1050 to rx 580 8gb sapphire, and when I turn on my pc there is no display at all. Both CPU and GPU fans are spinning but the screen is black. The thing is, I have a really old motherboard. Its medion ms-7728 (paired with i7 2600). Could it be that this motherboard doesn't support the card or is it something else? I thought it was all gonna work well cause it has a pci express slot and my psu is decent. Please help.