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    Tetramino reacted to deblimp in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    And they said that you couldn't fit a 3*140 rad on a 50 dollar case

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    Tetramino got a reaction from neSSa in ROGastic   
    why not go with a k-series processor that way you actually have the ability overclock if you wanted to 
  3. Informative
    Tetramino reacted to Wyrmnax in Old hardware + drawer = new smart TV.   
    Both are exhaust.

    It is honestly very old hardware, and there is plenty of ventilation from the drawer not being completely sealed off. It wouldn't run AAA games nowadays either way, so ventilation shouldn't be a issue.

    BUT, if we were trying to get a gaming system in there we should probably get exaust + intake and get them both more spread away. So we can get a decent air circulation.
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    Tetramino reacted to Calranthe in Some companies are really cool.   
    Thank you and please say anything you want, it is always nice to talk to people, all we can do in this crazy world is look after those we care about and try to make people smile.
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    Tetramino reacted to Vitamanic in Some companies are really cool.   
    I just read your Imgur post and then the one on Reddit...
    Holy moly man... That’s both very heavy and very inspirational at the same time. I’m sure there’s nothing I can say that isn’t cliche or something you haven’t heard 100 times already. But, thank you for taking your time to share your story. I’m sure that someone, somewhere, having similar thoughts and plans has seen it and found it helpful. You’re a good dude and I hope you continue to find meaning in the madness.
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    Tetramino reacted to Calranthe in Some companies are really cool.   
    I don't know if this fits here but it is tech related and not off topic.
    We all know a lot of companies do marketing, send out gifts to influencers, nothing wrong with that, it is good business sense. Here is my Wife's story (hope you will understand why I don't write it out again) https://imgur.com/gallery/JSggx0v
    I myself am classed as severely disabled. I explained the situation here.
    During the early part of Paola's illness we were featured in a local news paper and local car manufacture provided a car for us to go out on day trips, did a whole marketing thing around it, we quite soon stopped accepting help like that, knowing they are just profiting from my Wife's cancer.
    But some companies do it differently.
    These companies don't make a big thing of it, they won't even tell the community they just send you a PM, no gold stars with community, no announcement. Just helping for helpings sake without any angle.
    The Makers of The Defiance game heard about Paola and contacted us via private message and sent Paola a collectors edition, letter from the developers and a huge plushy hellbug.
    The Makers of Bloons Tower Defence game sent Paola a Ninja kiwi beanie and cards while she was ill in hospital.
    Rebecca from Warframe contacted me via PM and the team sent us t-shirts, bandanna's and a letter.
    When Valve heard about how VR was helping me cope with my multiple illness they messaged me and simply asked "would you like a Valve Index kit, no strings attached you don't even have to tell people it is from us, the team read your story and want to help"
    The Devs behind Forza Horizons sent us a years gamepass for Xbox and press goody bag containing a lot of merch.
    When your Wife is dying slowly of an incurable cancer, when no amount of money can change that, your goal becomes trying to make that amazing person smile every day and  companies like the above helped make her smile and make my life just a little better.
  7. Agree
    Tetramino got a reaction from Haro in RTX 2070 Super KILLED (ruined, despoiled/borked), a LOT of my games!   
    What i did was, set as their recommendations and the game would work then changed the setting in game and it was fixed.
    cause the problem with experience is that it sets setting too low on laptops and to high on desktop. for example for me on GTA the resolution was broken, if i set it to 1920x1080 it would be wrong ratio even on 16:9 so experience fixed that issue but kille my frames, so as i said changed the settings and now its all good
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    Tetramino got a reaction from j1mgg in What 3700x mobo supports USB 3.2 Gen2 case connector (£100 roughly)   
    how many usb 3.2 connectors do you need?
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    Tetramino reacted to Stylized_Violence in Halo: CE on Steam   

    I am so glad that the MCC is coming to PC; I have been missing out on most of the franchise because I do not own a console. It'll have its quirks and issues as with any port, but damn it's good to see the PC crowd getting some love. I understand that for a good chunk of the gaming community, Halo is pretty much old news...especially the first one that came out way back in 2001.
    But I grew up on this game and its lore and have always been a fan, despite the butchering it got after Bungie let go after Halo 3. Is anyone else excited for these releases or has this game lost its mojo? 
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    Tetramino reacted to Slottr in Wifi solution?