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  1. I have an ITX I wanna Put it in that wont hold a AIO S4mini
  2. I have one of those Dumb Titan X pascal hybrid cards that I got for a good deal but I wanna put a regular air cooler on it and there a nightmare to find the OG ones anyone know if any others are compatible?
  3. Im trying t get a solidworks licence because Id like to try it vs paying so much for autocad which version does ltt use?
  4. Im looking and cant find anything on it does a b450 motherboard with Bt built in exist that anyone knows of? Im looking for ITX or MATX
  5. Yeah honestly im just hoping that I dont need a bios update to get things working i will update it after their working ofcourse.
  6. Like I said above already bout all the parts there in shipping.
  7. lol this is a sad topic because everything is trash in the laptop industry the only good looking is surfaces but gaming on them without egpu is a joke
  8. Xrdp let me connect but I didnt see the same thing on both screens.
  9. It will need to be full desktop and I mean like license required 3rd party.
  10. I believe ive tryed that and no good do you have a guide to follow because the one I looked at didnt work out for me.
  11. Oh yeah I have a qaudro 600 im taking out of the pc I currently use.