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    Gaming, The witcher Series, Red Dead Redemption Series, Netflix, New laptop and mouse releases, tech gossips.
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    2X8gB 2666Mhz
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  1. THe available versions of the display for G17 model will be: Why the heck 360Hz? Nobody knows...
  2. There is also an alternate solution - you can print it on 3d Printer. More time consuming but can be more accurate
  3. Hi Guys, I've been sneaking around and recently found a leak: What do you think? 1600EUR/1960 USD including their tax.
  4. Best if done everything at once. Your Laptop @On our way to beat dio will say thank you 3 times
  5. I would honestly go for RTX 3060Ti. Will last you for couple years at least. GTX-es you will feel like replacing unless you want to keep on playing in 1080p with at least 60FPS in AAA Titles. Do not go lower on CPU than 8th Gen though if on Intel.
  6. The price is not attractive any more though. Add 150$ and have RTX 3060 Ti or so...
  7. The fact it will run does not mean it will run smooth. The amount of Cuda Cores is increasing recently so If you would like to game on a higher details level you're gonna have to swap. Besides from what I know some in game updates may cause the game to run slower if you have less efficient GPU. Unfortunately this is what these companies do. An example of GTX 1080 performance below. Drops are unfortunately occuring:
  8. 3060Ti is quite enough for now. If you have a CPU higher than i7-7700K then you can go for it and push out even 60 FPS in CyberPunk 2077
  9. This mechanism reminds me of an idea Acer used to have in one of their laptops: https://www.amazon.com/Acer-Predator-i7-9750H-Keyboard-PT917-71-71C5/dp/B07R1YY6CC
  10. Buy pre-built you mean with possibility to choose own components/configs? where do you recommend buying?
  11. As @afaq0 said I will repeat myself and confirm. the thing with holes deends mainly if you like lightweight mice and if it doen't bother you to have holes or most extremely saying you don't have trypophobia
  12. I would use it as it is until it runs out of battery for the first time and the battery is reset so that it can start charging roughly from 10-15% so that you use up all the battery's capacity in a long run.
  13. 1400 GBP and RTX 3070? Great Value, for a PC which will last long. Plus it can be overclocked and made into a monster. Though I am just wondering. Will 3070 not create bottlenecks with i5-10600K?
  14. Thank you for these suggestions. I will look up these chairs in the spare moment. What would you say about low budget chars? I know there is brand SPC Gear which sports chairs at a very attractive price. Maybe anyone heard? https://spcgear.com/en/category/chairs/